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1 Innerland
2 Equator
3 Beyond the Sea
4 Then Now
5 Blackstar
6 The Falcon
7 Waters Edge
8 Celestial Sphere

Rusty from SomaFM says: Erik Wøllo pulls off another impressive ambient album. You can relax and skim the surface, or focus and find the complexity deeper within. “Celestial Sphere” is the penultimate example of that vast complexity, close your eyes and get completely lost.

The shimmering textures and sparkling patterns on these eight immersive, buoyant dream-fragments began with electric guitar improvisations Erik Wøllo looped in his living room in Norway, utilizing a style first heard on his 2022 Inversions EP. Following the spontaneous and intimate beginnings, Wøllo expands the horizons by seamlessly adding speckles of synthesizers and sequenced rhythmic elements to the sonic excursion built upon his guitar and looping pedal compositions. This minimal album is characterized by simplicity and clarity across the forty-five minutes of emotionally engaging ambient pieces.

These tracks invite listeners into a realm where innovation meets passion. Unfolding like a musical narrative, the evolving harmonies and melodic motifs captivate the senses. The interplay between the various guitars and synthesizers creates a harmonious dialogue, engaging from start to finish.

Erik says, “I began all of these tracks just recording some simple loops in my living rooms and even in my kitchen! I have all sorts of pedals available, and I’m ready to push the record button at any time. This is a nice way to capture unexpected starting points for compositions. The best ideas often arrive in the middle of doing something else. A casual and accessible approach to the creative process contributes to the album's diverse and eclectic nature with the potential for interesting sonic textures and atmospheric elements lending an organic and evolving quality.”

The album title carries different meanings in both a phonic and poetic context. The equator is often seen as a dividing line between different hemispheres. The title might indicate a crossing from one musical hemisphere to another, or perhaps it represents a metaphorical line between the known and unknown, the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Crossing the Equator mixes restrained passages and occasional rhythmic zones. Its ambient minimalism and transfixing gentle atmospheres flow within metamorphosizing textures created out of spontaneous and beautiful real-time performances.

The album's electronic whispers and electric guitar reverberations become the map and the landscapes. Ethereal realms invite listeners to journey within, exploring the uncharted territories of emotion and thought.

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Release Date: May 17, 2024

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Star’s End

    Erik Wøllo keeps finding new ways to do things. Out to improve your sensory life his pitch perfect Crossing the Equator (43:23) presents eight tracks which focus solely on the interests of the listener. A seriously precise artist Wøllo deepens his approach here with vivid undercurrents that beam brighter as each piece plays through. Slipping in occasional moments of dreamy uncertainty the music is vulnerably solemn – haunting in a way that stays with you. Unafraid to venture into the darkness plucked guitar notes ring out in reverb while electronic chords undulate hypnotically around such sparkling steel string action. Flowing together in a circulation of synthetic sound the textures, tones and timbres rise and recede, advance and withdraw, but not before touching the mind’s most still point. While the vibrations emanating from his guitars morph, swirl and assume new identities under extensive processing, the resulting sonic formations feel more like stirring exchanges of atmosphere, mood and spirit and less like mere technical prosecutions. Embraced by each note, the clarity of Crossing the Equator asks the listener to be present and at the center of their own human drama. Here Wøllo’s force of mind is most magnetic – which might lead us to join him in his playing, and praying, for a beautiful realm somewhere beyond ourselves. -Chuck van Zyl

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