Dirk Serries: Streams Of Consciousness Compiled (Digital)

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1. meandering 20:48
2. harmonious flare 24:54
3. remote delight 19:36
4. principal origin 22:30
5. glow horizon 20:01
6. solstice of murmur 23:34
7. weather divide 22:47
8. the whispering scale 18:18

Streams of Consciousness is Dirk Serries’ homage and return (after the closure of vidnaObmana in 2007) to pure harmonic sonic moments. A mix of deep ambient and drone, this collection presents a nearly-3-hour selection of tracks from the 17 releases available. Created in real-time on electric guitar and a handful of effects in Dirk’s home studio, it’s a slowflow inner exploration of sonics and emotional states. Single notes and reverberating washes of guitars ebb and flow over the course of these longform pieces. Begun in 2013, the first three Streams of Consciousness albums were pressed in ultra limited quantities on vinyl. The series then continued digitally.

Some Bandcamp fan quotes:

“Ambient guitar drone at its best from none other than the best.”

“Whatever your definition of bliss is, Dirk Serries has the power to change it forever.”

“From the depths of his inner world to the ears of our sensory world, Dirk Serries is a master at the top of his game. A must have…”

“For me, Dirk Series literally walks on water. He has an amazing talent and uses it well. From his days as vidnaObmana to operating under his own name, the quality of the audio experience has always been exceptional.”

“This is one of those albums where you really begin to question what is more important, the note or the space between the notes. Perhaps it is the SOUND between the notes, the sound of the previously played note fading. Regardless, Dirk Serries paints a very gentle picture of blissful yet slightly lonely place, a place of silent introspection and reflection. Simply fantastic.”

“Sensational drones from the undisputed master of the genre.”

Projekt release: February 20 2024

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Ambient Blog

    Dirk Serries’ remarkable output, both in terms of quality and quantity, manifests in various forms. His journey began in the mid-eighties under the moniker Vidna Obmana, with releases spanning until around 2005, although titles continued to emerge even after he ceased using this alias. He then transitioned to projects such as Fear Falls Burning or Microphonics, among others, showcasing his seemingly boundless creativity.

    One of his notable endeavors, Streams of Consciousness, ran from 2013 to 2015, and again from 2023 up until February 2024. This ongoing project comprises 18 editions, each featuring two tracks roughly 20 minutes in duration. The titles of each edition are suffixed with a number, likely indicating the creation date in YYDDMM format. The complete series is available on the Streams Of Consciousness Bandcamp page.

    Projekt Records now offers a compilation from this series, featuring a selection of 8 tracks, each drawn from a different edition. Though termed a ‘selection,’ it offers nearly three hours of profound ambient guitar drones – ‘a slowflow inner exploration of sonics and emotional states… Dirk Serries’ homage and return to pure harmonic sonic moments’. This music is purely ‘in-the-moment’ ambient, ‘relying entirely on his ability to create these linear masses of ambience from scratch and real-time on the electric guitar and just a handful of pedal effects – no computer is applied. No post-production or editing is involved.’

    Generously, Projekt Records and Dirk Serries provide this compilation as a name-your-price download (for a limited time). However, for completists, the journey doesn’t end here. To be continued.

  2. Reviews Editor

    From Avant Music News

    In 2007, Dirk Serries wrapped up his long-standing vidnaObmana project, which began two decades earlier as an ambient electronic endeavor influenced by synthesists of the Berlin School. But a few years later he began quietly putting out recordings of this ilk once again, under the moniker Streams of Consciousness. There are a total of 17 albums released so far, including eight in the last year. This compilation consists of about 3 hours of these pieces.

    The sounds here are gentle ambiance, with slow-moving chord patterns, airy textures, and a peaceful mood. Created spontaneously on guitar run through effects, the music fits the album title. Serries plays in a stream-of-consciousness style and his output can be absorbed in that manner as well.

    The eight tracks are in the 18-25 minute range and feature lilting tones and expansive – yet mysterious – atmospheres. Individual notes and reverberating guitar washes are immersive but not suffocating. Despite the apparent simplicity of the music, it resonates deeply on an emotional level, inviting the listener to engage in relaxed, thoughtful introspection.

    Through this prolific project, Serries constructs serene soundscapes that facilitate moments of solitary reflection. He engages with the notion that the notes you do not play can be just as important as the notes that are played, thus using space as an auxiliary instrument.

    The album comes highly recommended for fans of vidnaObmana, Steve Roach, and the like. Streams Of Consciousness Compiled also serves as an unassuming antidote to an increasingly crazy world. -Mike

  3. Reviews Editor

    From Dave Aftandilian at Bandcamp:

    I loved drifting off to Dirk Serries’ compositions as vidnaObmana, and these new streams seem to flow directly down from those ideas. The shimmering guitar here has a very organic ambience. At time while listening I feel like I’m floating in deep space, at others that I am a piece of driftwood being gently rocked by ocean waves, and at still others it’s as if I’m lying stretched out in the grass, the sun gently warming my face as I watch puffy white clouds slowly drifting by.

  4. Reviews Editor

    From Exposé

    We all remember VidnaObmana from the last years of the 20th Century, a floating ambient project alias created by one Dirk Serries, Belgian composer and instrumentalist in 1984, who recorded nearly 100 albums, both solo and in collaboration with like-minded travelers like Steve Roach, Jeff Pearce, Brannan Lane, PBK, Sam Rosenthal, and many others. In 2007 Serries officially retired the VidnaObmana moniker and moved forward using his given name and some new aliases like Fear Falls Burning. One of those new aliases was Streams of Consciousness, which began in earnest in 2013 and continues to this day (2024), bearing an explorative deep ambient drone style created using electric guitar and guitar effects in his home studio, with slow flowing evolutionary washes of sonic color full of warmth and emotion, not at all unlike the works he produced as VidnaObmana.

    As of this writing, Serries has released 18 albums in the Streams of Consciousness series, all with cryptic numeric titles that seem to indicate the date on which they were recorded. Each of the albums contain two tracks, each roughly the length of an LP side, and those tracks do have English titles, so with 18 albums with two tracks each, to date there should be 36 tracks total, though you won’t find any of them on Serries’ Bandcamp page — instead one needs to search for Streams of Consciousness to find them. Streams of Consciousness Compiled contains eight tracks selected from the ongoing series (only a few were ever produced on physical media in the beginning, and have since been download only), it’s something of an introduction to his ongoing project, which as it turns out is more like a homage to VidnaObmana than most of the other projects that Serries has running currently, so for any listeners who were tuned into his work back in the VidnaObmana days, this eight track sampler (almost three hours of music) should go far to quench your thirst for his brand of dreamy, meditative sounds, and point you in the direction where more can be found. -Peter Thelen

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