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1 HyperdriveEngage
2 CylinderRelease
3 Earth to Arcturus System
4 The Garden Orb
5 Muzak Playing Over the Intercom During Flight
6 In the Hydroponic Garden Sector
7 DreamMachinery (The Long Sleep)
8 Travelling Vast Distances
9 Recreational Space Couch
10 UnsettlingData
11 Considering the Loss of the Organic (Smoo’s Capsule)
12 Melting
13 CylinderFire (Entropy)
14 Debris
15 By the Grace of Science

Exposé: "There is stillness, sonic acceleration, powerful meteor showers, deep bends and twists in the space-time continuum and more as the protagonists find their way through an endless world of ambient translucence and the far reaches of shimmering colorful worlds."

…in an unspecified year, a previously unmapped cluster of dwarf galaxies, The Black Orchid 4059 group, is charted and assessed for habitable areas by a newly expanding and spacefaring Earth civilization. A scout ship, the Garden Orb, leaves on a mission to explore the area using recently developed hyperspace travel technology, permitting galactic travel — within the time-frame of a few years — for the first time. Reports are inconclusive as to whether the ship completed its mission or not. This album is an account of that journey.

The Black Orchid Galaxies is the 15th studio album by outer-dimension-exploring Australian ambient artist deepspace and his third release on Projekt Records. The recording inhabits an electronic space music sound, simultaneously dark and light with flecks of red-purple and orange inside a dream-like cosmos. Fire-laced and opalescent synths bubble quietly and divide then settle atop distant light-filled synth shrouds. Droning space guitars decorate, encircle and propel a hypersonic musical mosaic of sound cathedrals. Fluctuating between hypnotic explorations of sonic nebulae and vast sounds that threaten to break up on atmospheric entry, this is the most glimmering and wide-screen deepspace album to date. It is part contemporary ambient, part Jarre, while also partly cinematic — think sci-fi movies Silent Running and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

After the sonic stillness that was The Blue Dunes, this recording is both moving at light speed, yet exploring strange unrecognizable interplanetary sounds that defy temporal calculations. Strap into your space couch and prepare to slowly come apart as you travel through The Black Orchid Galaxies.

Mirko says, “This album came about very fast and basically wrote itself. After the strenuous effort that went into The Architecture Of Flowers and The Blue Dunes, I was shocked at how easily this came out. I guess maybe my creative gates had been opened by the preceding albums.”

Artist Bio:

deepspace is Brisbane, Australia-based ambient artist Mirko Ruckels. His hypnotic, glacial, dreamy and atmospheric work is created with synthesizers, software and acoustic instruments such as bells, guitars and piano. When he was a little boy in Germany (he is German/French) he would slip into a reverie at hearing a distant lawn mower, a church ringing its bells, passing planes, or the rumblings of far-off trains. This love of drones and ambient sound led to a wondrous moment upon discovering like-minded artists and listeners who also enjoyed atmospheric environments that evoke liminal moods and spaces. He says, “I literally had no idea how to make ambient music and just felt my way in the dark.” In 2006, deepspace was born.

deepspace has released fifteen albums, three through Projekt Records: , and The Black Orchid Galaxies and eleven self-released including Architecture Of Flowers. He also has two 2021 collaborations with theAdelaidean: Adrift and Antigravity, both on Projekt Records. 

Projekt release: March 15 2024

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    From Exposé

    Deepspace is back. Already again. It seems like just last month I was writing about his latest independent release The Architecture of Flowers, but now with The Black Orchid Galaxies he’s back with the Projekt label, a sprawling fifteen track, 78-minute kaleidoscopic swirl of powerful, heady ambient sounds and wild mysterious turns that drift across the heavens with shimmering beauty. This is the fifteenth release by Australian anbient artist Deepspace (a.k.a. Mirko Ruckels), and his third solo release for Projekt Records.

    While the album at hand is entirely instrumental, it can be seen as the journey of a scout ship “The Garden Orb” as it journeys through a previously unmapped cluster of dwarf galaxies on a mission seeking habitable areas for a newly expanding Earth civilization. Using an expanded sonic palette of dreamy synthesizers, droning space guitars, sequencers, and occasional percussives, the sounds at hand encompass everything imaginable in a vast widescreen panorama of auditory bliss. There is stillness, sonic acceleration, powerful meteor showers, deep bends and twists in the space-time continuum and more as the protagonists find their way through an endless world of ambient translucence and the far reaches of shimmering colorful worlds. The tracks range from as short as a couple minutes (“UnsettlingData” and “Recreational Space Couch”) to as long as a full album side (“Travelling Vast Distances”) and all points in between. Most interesting, and perhaps disorienting, are those where the entire soundworld changes pitch slowly — it happens like that on several cuts, it’s a somewhat alarming feeling but eventually everything levels out and one is back in equilibrium again. Beautiful sounds abound everywhere, The Black Orchid Galaxies is by far the most engaging of Deepspace’s Projekt releases to date. -Peter Thelen

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