Solitaire: Nocturnes & Fearless (1995/1997)

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FEARLESS, 1995 Recycle or Die 07/19/1995
1 One Small Step…
2 Tribes
3 Eclipse
4 Soleil
5 Fearless
6 Awakening

1 Kabbalah
2 Nocturne
3 Simulation of Gods
4 One Minute Warning
5 Alhambra
6 Drift
7 Spirit Cave
8 Revelation

Genres: Electronic, Ambient, Ambient Beats
For Fans Of: Brian Eno, Röyksopp, and Jon Hassell

• The digital release of the final two albums from Germany’s Solitaire
• 3 tracks were used in the 1998 film BLADE
YouTube video of BLADE’s opening scene with Solitaire’s “One Small Step…”

Available for the first time on digital: Fearless (1995) and Nocturnes (1997). Founding member Elmar Schulte passed away in late 2022; Projekt is working with his widow and Ruediger Gleisberg to bring the full catalog to digital. And — of course — it’s Name-Your-Price!

On these mid-90s albums, Elmar & Ruediger created a hallucinogenic mélange of progressive-electronics. The tracks branch out into a variety of styles amending their deep ambient space music sound with tribal grooves, ghostly darkened pulses, and a taste of the then-burgeoning techno ambient sounds. Excerpts from 3 tracks off Fearless appear in the blockbuster 1998 vampire film Blade starring Wesley Snipes. The electric guitar, unexpected samples, and a driving groove on “One Small Step…” caught the ear of director Stephen Norrington, who included Solitaire’s music in the film.

★ Solitaire’s History

Solitaire was founded in 1989 by Elmar Schulte and Ruediger Gleisberg. Both lived in the small German town of Paderborn and met in a music store. They soon moved into an old apartment and began on their first songs together which were released on their 1990 debut CD Altered States on Bernd Kistenmacher’s Berlin-based label Musique Intemporelle. Two days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, on November 11th, 1989, Solitaire played their first concert in a packed-to-capacity church in Berlin.

After the successful debut, the two musicians parted ways and Elmar met Steve Roach, who performs on a track on the second Solitaire CD, Plains And Skies. This was followed by several Solitaire concerts with Elmar and Steve in Germany and one in the Netherlands. Ritual Ground followed in 1993, a full collaboration between the two.

In 1995 Elmar and Ruediger got together again and intensive work resulted in Fearless in 1995 and Nocturnes in 1997. Fearless is a very experimental production, a mixture of ambient, ethno rhythms and psychedelic sound collages. Although the two musicians did not expect anyone to be interested in this unusual production, the release was successful and three tracks were selected for the Hollywood film Blade. Nocturnes is produced in a similar style and was released on Arya, the side label of Italy’s Amplexus. Guest musicians on both albums include Amir Baghiri, who became a well-known ambient musician himself in the ensuing years.

Elmar tragically died in 2022 after a long illness and Ruediger, in consultation with Elmar’s widow, remastered this reissue of their final two albums.

All songs composed by Elmar Schulte and Ruediger Gleisberg, except “Drift”, composed by Elmar and Adda Schade and “Awakening”, “Alhambra” and “Spirit Cave” composed by Elmar and Amir Baghiri.

Projekt release: December 8 2023
Originally released: 1995 & 1997

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