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1 Le Paysage (remix)
2 Illuminated River
3 Serenity
4 Nebula (remix)
5 Rays of Dawn

Erik Wøllo’s The “Le Paysage” Single is 30 minutes of reflective and seductive ambient electronic music with melodic soaring themes, vast slow-moving drones and rhythmic patterns drifting in cycles of transmutable harmonies. With two remixes derived from Erik’s latest The Shape of Time — and three unreleased tracks — it’s an exquisite collection of moods and emotions ranging from the vigorous and earthy to mesmerizing, evocative and wistful late-night Nordic light-scenes.

The French term “Le Paysage” refers to the scenery depicted in the music. “Paysage” is the word for “landscapes” and it can refer to the physical environment as well as the emotional or psychological topographies depicted through sonic elements. It’s the feelings and sensations evoked by nature to create a sense of place and location. Over the years, Erik has taken influence from French impressionist painters from Monet and Cézanne and composers like Ravel, Satie and Debussy. They captured the impression of light and atmosphere in their works rather than focusing on accurately reproducing details; like them, Erik sees the essence in dreamy panoramas and surroundings.

On the EP’s two remixes, “Le Paysage” and “Nebula,” Erik comments, “When I work on new material for an album, I often make several arrangements of the tracks exploring new and creative ideas. Later I choose the ones that fit the unity of the rest of the album. This results in a lot of unreleased material. I found it interesting to give these compositions a new take and a new sound.” The other three tracks — “Illuminated River,” “Serenity” and “Rays of Dawn” — are brand new pieces composed for this release. The titles are inspired by the album cover image created by Mercy West and edited by Erik. A dramatic depiction of imaginary twilight scenery.

Cover by Mercy West; processed by Erik Wøllo.

Projekt release: February 10 2023

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