Nova Cat Purring Sounds: Relaxing Purring Cat for Sleep, Study, Healing Therapy (ASMR)

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1 Cat Purring Slow & Warm (Loopable)
2 Cat Purring Fast & Breathy (Loopable)
3 Cat Purring Slow & Warm (with Ambient Music)
4 Cat Purring Raspy & Breathy (Loopable)
5 Cat Purring Raspy & Breathy
6 Cat Purring Raspy & Breathy (with Ambient Music)
7 Cat Purring Brighter & Breathy (Loopable)
8 Cat Purring Brighter & Breathy

Genres: Meditation, relaxation, ASMR, healing, new age

Cat purrs relax and stimulate the brain through their rhythmic repetitions. These eight tracks (four designed to loop) are the ideal accompaniment to sleep, study and healing work. With close-miking recordings and subtle harmonic EQs, they are shaped for the complete dynamic experience of a cat right by your head showering you with affection. The artist Nova Cat has a unique raspy purr which is especially pronounced on track 8. Two of the pieces include deep ambient music to further enhance the experience.


Nova Cat is a 17 year old (87 in human years) American Shorthair Tuxedo Cat with a distinctive raspy purr, attributed to a health issue. Along with her collaborator Sam Rosenthal, she created these close-miked recordings utilizing subtle harmonic EQ shaped for relaxation and brain stimulation through rhythmic repetitions. Nova Cat tolerated Rosenthal’s addition of ambient music to two tracks on her debut release.

Projekt release: December 9 2022


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