Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Bastille Day (Serpent Single) (Digital)

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1 Bastille Day, 1961 — 2022 Serpent Version
2 The Scavenger’s Daughter — 2022 Serpent Version

Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 2022 “Serpent” line-up releases ephemeral reconceptualizations of two songs from the band’s 2002 The Scavenger Bride; this opening of the gates drives the tracks deeper in a neoClassical darkwave direction. Songwriter/synthesist Sam Rosenthal joins with passionate baritone Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) and soulful cellist Henrik Meierkord.

The dark and emotional performances lend themselves to the lyrical reverie upon life’s disappointment and regrets, seeking a purpose, a meaning, a frame for the catastrophe of time’s passage. Jon’s vocals embody a pensive mature beauty, the expressive confessions of a lone voice, singing out to a vast uncaring void. Henrik’s dense undulating strings dissolve and drift, detailing an engulfing spectral realm.

Revisiting old songs — releasing new versions of them — is fertile ground for post-modern discussions: putting perspective on a text, the construction of meaning… and in this sense we find a deeper purpose. The act of remaking the songs is functionally similar to what the lyrics explore. Rumination is found in every facet of these tracks. Echoes of the past haunt these stories, reflecting back and forward upon the narrative, drawing towards a moment of transcendence where the songs ask the listener to explore the disappointments of life in the midst of the beauty, and the absurdity, with the recognition that love is the crowning achievement. A final realization that life is bittersweet, but love is worth the price.

Projekt release: November 4 2022

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