Peter Phippen: Ghosts (digital)

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1 Prelude to Ghosts
2 Inside the Underworld
3 The Dreaming Room
4 Summerwind Mansion
5 Here in Her Absence
6 Willpower and the Dice Pool
7 Feral Cries
8 Entangled Forevermore
9 She Does Not Sleep
10 Movement in the Shadows
11 What Can’t Be Seen

Genres: New Age, World Music, Meditation, Relaxation

Flutist Peter Phippen says certain objects hold spiritual energy or supernatural characteristics. Due to these energies they can be haunted. On Ghosts, his solo follow-up to 2022’s Into the Ancient, he performs 11 tracks of haunting and transportive world music. His ancient instruments, traditional flutes from across the aeons, “hold otherworldly powers within.”


Elegant, captivating, melodic and mysterious, Peter’s flute is unaccompanied, an evocative reverb his only companion on this multi-dimensional ritual of note and nuance. With a mystical ability to connect breath and mind, his flute whispers earnestly to us with every note, a stark, unworldly magic balanced with sensitivity.


“In the natural world,” Peter reflects, “there are many unexplained phenomena that some would call unnatural. For myself, it is impossible not to feel a presence in some antique musical instruments. If one allows these instruments to play themselves, uncontrolled and freely, stepping out of the way of the music pouring out, then these instruments can act as a conduit to the spiritual realm or a gateway to the divine. This uncontrolled freely played music which conjures primordial outcries contains the energy left in these instruments long ago by those who lived with them, loved them, and played them extensively, before my time.”


Marcus Leader (Author, Toltec Shaman, and Parapsychologist) writes:

Peter Phippen’s flute solos have long been known to mesmerize and captivate audiences transporting them into higher, peaceful states of awareness. His uncanny ability to release control of the flute allows his own spirit to merge and resonate with the spirit of the instrument and environment around him creating an “otherworldly” ambience that caresses the deepest levels of the soul. What many do not know is that this phenomenon transcends the world of the living piercing the veil by creating a sympathetic resonance between the living and the dead. It is no wonder that when Peter plays in the darkness of sacred places his music shines like a beacon through dimensional realities beckoning the spirits of those who have crossed over to return and listen to his enchanting melodies. I know this to be true because as a private researcher with the professional division of the Monroe Institute I have witnessed this firsthand in the laboratory and in the field using his music at sacred sites.

With his new album, Peter’s abilities to enchant and captivate both the living and the world of spirit have never shined brighter. When I first listened to Ghosts, I sat in darkness illuminated only by a single candle and relaxed to his hauntingly beautiful music. I could almost hear the spirits calling out from within those ancient antique flutes as Peter conjured them into manifestation. After a few moments, I got that feeling of not being alone as a gathering of spirits became evident. I believe that at least one was that of a beloved ancestor. The entire experience brought a sense of peace and love to my soul and tears to my eyes. Ghosts captures the essence of the shadow realm. Listen to the album and be taken on a journey of the soul where you just might encounter lost loved ones.

Artist Bio:

Over the past three decades and 22 albums, Peter Phippen’s experiential, natural folk style revealed a penchant for creative and artistic sonic improvisation. He’s researched the history and performance technique of traditional flutes from around the world and throughout time. Phippen was the first non-Native American flutist signed to Canyon Records, which released his classic 2003 album Night Song. Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee, and multiple Native American Music Awards Nominee. Phippen is a performing and recording artist specializing in traditional flutes from around the world. GHOSTS is his 4th release since signing in 2022 to Projekt Records.

Produced by Brian Reidinger and Peter Phippen
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Reidinger at Studio B. Minneapolis MN.

Projekt release: February 17 2023

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Rockerilla
    For Peter Phippen some instruments possess a special spiritual energy. Like his collection of flutes from remote eras and mysterious places. On Ghosts, which follows the 2022 collection Into the Ancient, the American musician puts together eleven tracks built exclusively with the transcendental timbres of the flutes. “In the natural world,” writes Peter, “there are many unexplained phenomena that some would call unnatural. For me it is impossible not to sense a presence in some ancient musical instruments [which] can act as a conduit into the spiritual realm or a gateway into the divine.” NEW AGE. -Roberto Mandolini

    Per Peter Phippen alcuni strumenti possiedono un’energia spirituale speciale. Come la sua collezione di flauti provenienti da ere remote e luoghi misteriosi. Su Ghosts, che segue di pochi mesi la raccolta del 2022 Into the Ancient, il musicista americano mette insieme undici tracce costruite esclusivamente con i timbri trascendentale dei flauti. “Nel mondo natural,” scrive Peter, “ci sono molti fenomeni inspiegabili che alcuni definirebbero innaturali. Per me è impossibile non avvertire una presenza in alcuni antichi strumenti musicali [che] possono agire come un condotto verso il regno spirituale o una porta verso il divino.” NEW AGE. -Roberto Mandolini

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