Paulina Fae: Glow (Digital)

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Jupiter Jaguar
Blue Owls
Emperor Sunroot
Citrine Horses

“Oh starry child, we are seers of new worlds. We are breaking through; they can’t hold us back.”

Paulina Fae returns with Glow, her 11th album of otherworldly dreampop radiating from the periphery of phantasmagoria. A subtle maze of mystical shimmering sounds, Fae’s contemporary electronic compositions are both playful and moody; her voice earthy and ethereal, sensual and surreal. Moments of bright and floral melodic color conjoin with deeply introspective compositions which are atmospheric and whimsical. The songs are weaved with stories shared by beings from places unknown such as the curious ghost in “Play” and the supportive galactics in “Jupiter Jaguar.” There’s something spectral about these 10 mesmerizing tracks as if her instruments themselves are the ghosts and Fae is simply summoning them to create her haunting music.

“The human body actually does glow,” Fae says. “It emits a visible light at levels too low for the naked eye to detect. The songs on Glow communicate the idea that we as humans are ramping up the light within to where our physical light will intensify to a visible level. In reconnecting to the natural magic around and within, we remember how powerful we truly are.”

“And I know where I will be; they can’t hide the light they see. I am here to glow.”

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A visual artist and songwriter, Paulina Fae creates magic-filled worlds. She’s written and produced eleven albums to date and often intertwines visual and audio work. Her songs are ethereal electronic compositions that straddle the boundaries of ambient and dreampop. “The music is what the art sounds like,” Fae says. “Both expressions come from the same sea of creativity.” Paulina has designed tarot and oracle card decks since 2007. She and her husband live in Chattanooga, TN with their three cool cats.

Projekt release: July 29 2022

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