AutopsiA: Damnatio Memoriae (Digital)

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1 Damnatio Memoriae I
2 Damnatio Memoriae II
3 Damnatio Memoriae III
4 Damnatio Memoriae IV
5 Damnatio Memoriae V
6 Damnatio Memoriae VI

Autopsia sound installation commissioned for Museum of Fine Arts Split, summer 2016, curator Branko Franceschi.

Damnatio Memoriae create a journey filled with beauty, hallucination, sorrow, terror, and nostalgia. This is ambient drone on an epic scale. Over the drone, there is a compelling and disturbing cycle of sound, like metal discs rotating against each other. A deep ambient flow of six interconnected sound world immersions evoking an echo in time, emanating in all directions. The slowly mutating drones recall the rituals of Tibetan Buddhism, the occasional brass tuttis the equivalent of dungchen ritual horns, the drones slowly deviate to create fractional dissonances, it’s a truly immersive – and borderline mystical experience. This balance between light and dark, melodic and atonal, symphonic and cacophonous, aligns perfectly.

released April 4, 2017


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