Deepspace: Superradiance (digital)

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1 Now the Balloon Rises into the Sky
2 Leaving Earth
3 Interlude – Hope for Early Microbial Forms
4 Wave of Glass
5 Sunlit Dream of Venusian Orchids
6 Polygraphic Wildlife Detected
7 Do You Hear Faint Music?
8 Fathomless
9 Returning
10 Out (Wind and Sun)

Superradiance is the dazzling 12th studio album by star-faring Australian electronic musician Deepspace and his first on Projekt Records. It is dream-like electronic ambient music with glittering, minimal melodic and harmonic expanses impressionistically cast as sonic light, appearing and disappearing as it overlaps to form new hues that shimmer, interact and then vanish.

The album is a conceptual expedition through the heavens. The listener’s ideas about space and our species’ journey inform the narrative detail with tantalizing clues subtly guiding the experience. Polygraphic wildlife, Venusian orchids, leaving Earth, microbial lifeforms, these evocative ideas and titles are meant as prompts: an image, a feeling that activate the listener’s own odyssey.

The intermingling of science and art hold sway over the conceptual and stylistic elements of Superradiance. Serene and futuristic scenarios wash over the listener beckoning them onward into the “sky inside the mind” — their own imagination. Influences include Brian Eno and Steve Roach as well as art music composers such as Claude Debussy and Francis Poulenc appearing as an influence in some of the harmony and the ephemeral and somehow proudly introverted nature of the musical parts.

“Space music fans as well as aficionados of imaginative soundscape ambient will want to dig this beautifully made recording 100%.” –


Deepspace is Brisbane, Australia-based ambient musician Mirko Ruckels. His hypnotic, glacial, dreamy and atmospheric work is created with various synthesisers, software and acoustic instruments such as bells, guitars and piano. When he was a little boy in Germany (he is German/French) he would slip into a reverie at hearing a distant lawn mower, church bells, passing planes, or the rumblings of far-off trains. This love of drones and ambient sound led to a wonderful moment upon discovering there are other like-minded artists and listeners who also enjoyed atmospheric environments that evoke liminal moods and spaces. Ruckels discovered the River of Appearance by vidnaObmana and became obsessed with the strange slow, sun-filled expanses that defied conventional harmony, arrangement and instrumentation. Later, Structures from Silence by Steve Roach was the next piece in the puzzle which inspired him to explore and create his own music. He says “I literally had no idea how to make ambient music and just felt my way in the dark.” In 2006, Deepspace was born. Themes range from macro — such as space, underwater, deserts and science fiction imaginings, to micro — internal states and microscopic life.

Deepspace has released eleven albums, ten independently and The Glittering Domain (2009) through American label Hypnos. He has two 2021 collaborations with theAdelaidean Adrift and Antigravity, both on Projekt Records.

Projekt release: March 18 2022

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    A review from Sonic Immersion
    The music of Mirko Ruckels, aka Deepspace, has always been a fine vehicle to detach from worldly affairs. Now there’s Superradiance, out as a download on the established Projekt Records label, where the composer takes the next step by taking his listeners into the deep end and far off worlds. Enter the galactic expanse with 64 minutes of emotive, overly lush, wide-spread textures blended with harmonic resonating ethereal tapestries dressed with delicate perfumes of awe and wonder. Creating in-depth atmospheres as well as senses of time and weightlessness comes to fruition best on the three longer tracks — all clocking over 10 minutes — found near the end of the album. Space music fans as well as aficionados of imaginative soundscape ambient will want to dig this beautifully made recording 100%.

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