AutopsiA: Innenräume (Digital)

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1 Innenräume 1
2 Innenräume 2
3 Innenräume 3
4 Innenräume 4
5 Flamme
6 Innenräume 5

Six graceful tracks that are as beautiful as they are spiritual, existing in a glacial twilight zone, floating between drone, neo-classical, and extremely slo-mo rhythm . The chill of absolute zero with the insinuating, disturbing sounds of…something bubbling up all around. At one moment warm and organic, the next, slowly slipping into a machine-like coldness to freeze and paralyze… Sounding like a score for a lost Tarkovsky film, the cavernous spaces between the notes are as seductive as the lush music within the album. What is about to come through is something we should flee from—now, and desperately.

A breeze of attention sweeps through the wings.
Here he comes, escorted by Death, whom no one sees.
Heralds, sound your horns! Attention!
Your love for things dreamed was your contempt for things lived.
Virgin King who disdained love,
Shadow King who despised light,
Dream King who denied life.
Amid the muffled racket of cymbals and drums, Darkness acclaims you Emperor!

[Composed, mixed and produced during the First Lockdown period 2020.] released June 18, 2020
Autopsia & Dämmerung Orchestra 2020


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