AutopsiA: Palladium (Digital)

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1 Trotz Und Hingabe
2 Abfall Und Aufstieg
3 Das Gesetz Des Tages Und Leidenschaft Zur Nacht
4 Der Reichtum Des Vielen Und Das Eine

Music of Autopsia oscillates from romanticism to avantgarde, from bizarre to sublime simplicity, from coldness to warmth, from exclusiveness to popularity. Songs of Autopsia are wanderer songs. Palladium leads us to great gates, gates through which there is no passing-by. Leads to great moments, when views into a depth of dark abysses open, in which, one day, staggering, we have to plunge ourselves…Captured and constructed from tape loops at Studio M, Radio Novi Sad 1989. – Music From The Empty Quarter, [UK] 1991

released February 2, 1991


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