AutopsiA: Humanity Is The Devil 1604-1994 (Digital)

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1. Prologue
2. I Am The Resurrection
3. God So Loved The World
4. Blessed Are The Dead
5. The Lamentation
6. Epilogue
7. One Day…

Autopsia was one of the most obscure but respected protagonists of Yugoslav tape and industrial underground culture. Ever since their debut album, Autopsia have been considered one of the originators of Industrial music. The track “I Am The Resurrection” was selected by Peter Greenaway as the main theme for The Pillow Book – an early recognition of the still to be realized cinematic potential of Autopsia’s vision.

Above all, we are not concerned with music.
Our subject is death and the pity of death.
The music is in the pity. – Autopsia

Originally released in 1995 on Germany’s Hypnobeat Records


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