theAdelaidean: Inner Real Life (Digital)

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1. Inner Real Life (Styx) 07:25
2. Arid Sea 15:12
3. Inner Real Life (Elysian) 11:40
4. Beacon 06:45
5. The Anchor Tree (Capture) 07:38
6. Arise 07:27
7. The Anchor Tree (Release) 07:04

On his third solo album for Projekt, Australian ambient/drone composer theAdelaidean brings his signature stillness to bear on the subject of journeys, distance and belonging, isolation, family and home. Composed in Ireland shortly before lockdown, inspired by landscapes far from the timeless plains of South Australia, then carefully finessed and edited over the following year, Inner Real Life explores shifting feelings of remove while drawing the listener into a close sonic embrace. An evolving, minimalist album in which “nothing is happening, yet everything happens,” its lusciously lowercase pulses and drones reveal layers of resonance and consonance that rest only when the final chords fade into acceptance and healing gratitude.

Inner Real Life’s carefully crafted sonic landscape unfolds with patient sensibility, seeking and finding negative spaces where the listener can contribute their own personal significance.

In keeping with the album’s themes, Inner Real Life’s origins lie in micro-samples taken from the album Reflections in Birdbath by Australian pianist Ted Nettelbeck, theAdelaidean’s father-in-law. While each track’s evolving loops bear no relation to the melodies or progressions of the source, this inspiration is acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude.

Artist Bio

For over three decades as “theAdelaidean” — and under his own name — bestselling author Sean Williams recorded experimental music starting with tape-cutting techniques in his teenage years. Until recently his musical path was largely sidelined by his professional career writing novels and teaching creative writing. These days Sean undertakes deeply personal aural explorations that, following the great spiral of life, draw heavily on sources and techniques that inspired him in his youth.

Projekt release: April 13, 2021

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