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1. Inner Real Life (Styx) 07:25
2. Arid Sea 15:12
3. Inner Real Life (Elysian) 11:40
4. Beacon 06:45
5. The Anchor Tree (Capture) 07:38
6. Arise 07:27
7. The Anchor Tree (Release) 07:04

“What can this be, turning in space? Earthlight in transit, spiral rising.”

For fans of: atmospheric emotive dream-pop

With Earthlight, Fae reaches further into the cosmos than she’s ever reached before, delivering an eclectically provocative offering of songs made to resonate with those who seek what lies just off the beaten path. Graceful and sultry, Earthlight voyages fearlessly into hidden territory, merging galactic with earthly melodies to form an entrancing audio feast. Eleven ethereally haunting compositions treat the listener to a spectrum of elements ranging from emotive dream-pop with moody electronics to atmospherics imbibed with strings. With the fiercely cutting accents of cello on “Tourmaline” to the sashaying licks of guitar on “The Infinity of a Wildflower,” a pensive yet playful seduction is underlying these songs continuously, fusing and melding with Fae’s velvety vocals. The textured layers flowing throughout carry Earthlight spiritedly, keeping it sailing smoothly just above the ether, softly rising from the thickest of mists and darkest of nights.

Each of us holds an integral part of a divine unfurling in the universe. In the balances of the physical and of the metaphysical, of the secular and of the spiritual, of the earthly and of the otherworldly, an alchemic reaction is taking place. As our light brightens through growth and experience, it unveils new circuits for continued soul-discovery as it synchronizes with our planet’s frequencies, energies, and unfathomable treasures. In reconnecting to Earth’s ancient heartbeat, our inner lanterns glow like stars. We are co-creators of this reality with increasingly growing awareness that as this light inside us brightens… as our earthlight brightens, we’re seen so much clearer over vast distances, both through space and time. We are ALL earthlights. Believe in yourself, believe in our planet, and get ready to embark on this magical journey.

“Dream up a world for the sleepyheads, who might forget.”

Projekt release: May 4, 2021

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