Paulina Fae: The Secret Language of Trees (Digital) (name-your-price)

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1. Lullaby 03:37
2. Buried Keys 05:31
3. Silent Voices 04:54
4. The Passion of Sleep 03:38
5. The Dreaming Way 04:56
6. Root Signals 05:57
7. Let Us Take Your Sorrow 04:36
8. Twisted Heart 04:10
9. Breathe 04:33
10. The Rings of Earth and Sky 04:06
11. Sacred Space 04:42

“Sleep beneath our branches; let us weave your dreamcatcher. Chase away the fear within, pulling madness into soil.”

Dreamy and adventurous, the eleven-song The Secret Language of Trees is introspective ethereal dream pop rooted in earthy delicacy held up by an electronic tapestry and fruited with Paulina Fae’s sensual and silky vocals.

The songs are told from the perspective of trees and their elementals, sharing their methods of communication, how they observe the world, and what they dream about. Trees are gateways between dimensions, bringers of knowledge, and workers of magic. In a network of sound and vibration, they communicate in a language heard and felt within. Generous with their energy, they hold powerfully healing properties. Each song holds a grounding vibrational frequency designed to stimulate intuition and inner-healing.

This collection of songs was written to accompany Paulina’s 96-page graphic novella available at as a limited-edition physical book/CD set. Books are signed and numbered in a edition of 500 with a small original drawing on the inside cover page. Includes a digital download card along with the physical CD.

Though the intent of this project is for the listener to experience the songs and visuals simultaneously, this lovely music can also be appreciated on its own.

The name-your-price Bandcamp download includes a 13-page digital lyric booklet.

“When we sway you to sleep, reality snaps at the seams.”

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