theAdelaidean: Alive in the hall of possibilities

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1. ISOLATION Part 1 25:22
2. ISOLATION Part 2 13:47
3. Invisible Assembly 3 10:49
4. A Convocation of Moths 10:39
5. The Anchor Tree Suite 10:41
6. Disjecta Membra 09:32
7. Alive in the Hall of Possibility (full album) 01:20:51

“TheAdelaidean reminds us that isolation is sublime. That is, in the traditional meaning of the word — beautiful and somehow menacing at the same time. The sounds here straddle the line between both in a profound way.” — deepspace (ambient artist)

Performing in the time of COVID-19 is a challenge. Australian ambient/experimental composer The Adelaidean recorded this album live in Slingsby Theatre Company’s Hall of Possibility on 18 July 2020; it’s a beautiful wooden venue surrounded by trees, with a café out front and one of the busiest roads in Adelaide passing nearby. Full of props from and memories of a time when full houses were permitted, this was the perfect venue for what was already a layered sound with multiple resonances of great significance to me.

By intention, I was the only person present.

The new arrangements created especially for this performance were captured using multiple microphones scattered through the hall. I mixed the recording for sonority as well as clarity, striving to reproduce every sound as evocatively as possible. In the finished tracks, you will hear birds, traffic, and me occasionally “playing” the hall’s creaks and pops like a giant instrument.

Picture you and me alone, but for the music and all the world it conveys.

Thanks to Krysten Schiller at Music Corner North, Andy Packer of Slingsby, Thom Buchanan for his amazing art, and to Sam at Projekt for so many reasons.
Composed, recorded and mixed by theAdelaidean.
Performed by Sean Williams.

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For over three decades as “theAdelaidean” — and under his own name — bestselling author Sean Williams recorded experimental music starting with tape-cutting techniques in his teenage years. Until recently his musical path was largely sidelined by his professional career writing novels and teaching creative writing. These days Sean undertakes deeply personal aural explorations that, following the great spiral of life, draw heavily on sources and techniques that inspired him in his youth.

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