Doppler Shift: Live KSBR 1987 (Digital)

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1. Intro 00:28
2. Kathryn 06:54
3. Sharon’s Theme 06:33
4. Alice’s day goes bad (as she falls down a hole to hell) 04:01
5. the Meaningless Question 04:26
6. the Rope 03:28
7. Goodbye Johannes 03:50
8. Abyss intro 00:10
9. Abyss of the Birds 06:10
10. The Michelson-Morley Experiment 02:18
11. Benediction / Jane’s Tubulus Theme 10:24
12. Ambient Little Bugs (excerpt) 01:54

Electronic space music from Doppler Shift, the mid-80s collaboration between Walter Holland (Amber Route) and Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For A Blue Girl & Projekt). In 1986 and 1987 they performed melodic electronic music (synthwave) at four shows in Southern California. This is a recording of a 1987 radio broadcast.

Walter Holland • guitar & electronics
Sam Rosenthal • electronics

Nicole Falzone • drums (tracks 5-6-7-9-10)
Richard Watson • clarinet (track 9)
Chuck Oken Jr. • main DJ
Paul Marshall • DJ at intro

Recorded live on the radio at KSBR, Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo, California. 1987.

Sam recalls:

When I lived in Florida in the early 80s, I made a fanzine, Alternative Rhythms. I’d discover new bands by reading the reviews in Op Magazine and Sound Choice. One of those bands was Amber Route from Southern California. I struck up a mail-exchange with the band’s vocalist and guitarist/synthesist Walter Holland. I learned he and Richard Watson were professors at Chapman College in Orange, California. Wanting to get the hell out of Florida anyway possible, I somewhat-jokingly asked if they could get me a scholarship. Well, they did! In 1986, I moved to go to school in California.

Walter and I began working on music together, combining tracks from our solo releases and adding a few new ones. Walter named the band Doppler Shift. We performed live in 1987/1988 twice at Chapman and twice on the air at KSBR, at Saddleback Community College. Walter unearthed a cassette recording of the show and transferred it to digital. I added some EQ. It’s live as we performed it. It was cool to hear this show again, 33 years later!

Sam’s review: We were pretty good live, weren’t we?! Walter wrote really melodic parts on the guitar & synth, and performed them with lots of emotion. I think some of these versions are better than the album recordings because they have spontaneity.

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