Ambient Jam • Jarguna: Chimera of a New World (Digital)

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1 Chimera of a New World

An improvised ambient/electronic collaboration between 11 European + 2 North American artists, including Jarguna.

From Marco Billi aka jarguna:

With this period of global unease, I decided to gather as many artists as possible to create a kind of Ambient Jam session, to spread a solidarity message between various countries and peoples. With this idea, a mammoth track was born, each of us expressing ourselves freely, playing our favorite instrument, for the desired length of time.

Unfortunately there was no possibility and opportunity to meet anyone, so the idea was for me to send a small guideline and each artist from the comfort of his home or studio to record his part. In addition to my base I only allowed myself to insert the tracks playing on the levels and trying to “melt” the sound to the best, as if we were in the same room. The passion of each of us has brought out a very emotional soundtrack, oscillations of a contemporary, boundless ambient, transmuting with primitive concepts, rather than thinking about melody and structures, but rather unleashing pure energy, introverted and extroverted.

I tried to call on some artists who represent native populations and cultures from all over the world to give voice to our land. This is a period in which we must absolutely re-evaluate our over-consumeristic, environmentally-insensitive lifestyles. Imagine being at a large gathering where many artists on stage meet and express their joy of being present with their equipment, and possibilities, with no need for words; just being there and “playing” all together… this thought form is what develops more energy than any other fairy tale.

An articulated sound stratification between synthesizers, loops, various electrical equipment; classic and ethnic acoustic instruments intersect in a mantle that envelops the senses, sometimes velvety sometimes bristly, with mechanical moments with tribal and evocative moments… This is the Mantra of this Jam. No pre-setting, everything flows in an extemporaneous, random way, except for the title which was the only guideline, a “spectrum” intended as an image, almost a mirage, a dream… perhaps a desire of a new world.

Good energy everyone!

The Musicians:

jarguna — synth modular, samplers, loop, field recording, koshi chime.
Henrik Meierkord — cello, viola and harmonica.
Alcvin Ryūzen Ramos — shakuhachi (Japanese vertical bamboo flute).
Jack Hertz — synth, gamelan, and field recording
Now! band: Roberto Cagnoli — loop and sound effect
Now! band: Marco Cencetti — trumpet
Bernie Michael Land — modular synth
Yocipa (Agustin Reyes) — Prehispanic instruments (ayotl, cuauhchichtli, whistle of death, teponaztli, ocarina and more)
Rocco Saviano — guitar and effect
Marco Lucchi — synth
Enten Hitti band: Pierangelo Pandiscia — composition and Maria Rosa Criniti —voice

Projekt release: April 27 2020

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