Jarguna / Henrik Meierkord: Tapestry Flow (Digital)

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1. Opus One 04:41
2. Älva 08:44
3. Timanfaya 10:52
4. Heligt Berg 09:52
5. Through Melancholy 08:35
6. Spark of Light 06:12
7. Borealis 13:36
8. Tapestry Flow 12:26

Italian ambient/electronic musician jarguna and Swedish cellist Meierkord’s first collaboration offers lush sonic detailing — a lacework of evocative, ghostly strings and spacey, shimmering electronics with occasional analog sequencer motion. From mysterious and remote to ethereal and heavenly, Meierkord’s melodies on cello, viola & double bass accent a poetry weaving beautifully with the glowing electronic textures.

Over the course of 75 minutes, Tapestry Flow opens a warm and beautiful space then moves slowly through it. It’s a borderline album between acoustics and electronics, blurring where the natural instrument and electronic synthesis lie. Marco reflects, “It’s a bit like looking at the horizon in front of a beautiful smooth mountain lake without ripples: the water reflects the surrounding landscape so well you no longer see the difference between sky and the water. It is a perfect contemplation. In fact, Henrik and I felt this way: in perfect symbiosis.”

Meierkord’s cello often holds center stage with its dark rich sound bowed tenderly beneath jarguna’s thickening atmospheric constructs. The album’s textures move with deliberate slowness as this duo carefully edge ever closer to quiet contemplation, a harmonic match to our emotional experiences.

Thanks to Leonardo Volo for the contribution of his splendid jazz piano (Nord Stage 3) on #5 “Through Melancholy.”

jarguna bio:

jarguna is Italian sound-artist Marco Billi: ethno-organic-ambient-electronic music in a mandala-like hymn to ethnic, tribal, ritual music. It’s a journey of sounds, feelings, contrasts, acoustics and electronics. From the first recordings in 1998, jarguna releases his 34th album with Tapestry Flow.

Henrik Meierkord bio:

Henrik Meierkord’s main instrument is the cello; within his ambient music he experiments with different genres (neoclassical, indie, kraut rock), working to assist the listener in finding his/her own emotion and setting for contemplation. He’s released four albums of his music, the most recent April 2020’s Refuge on the Dutch Ambientologist label. For Meierkord, music serves as therapy and balsam for the soul. In Sweden, he plays in bands such as Strulgattu & Meierkord, Kalashnikow Quartet and acoustic-electronic duo Meipr. He also accompanies Swedish artists Pelle Ossler, and Eric Palmqwist, on cello. He’s released music on Ella Ruth Institute, & Ambientologist labels.

jarguna writes:

2020 has given me — and is giving — great satisfaction since I have collaborated with a great artist, Henrik Meierkord, cellist by passion and profession. We discovered great harmony on the collaborations of Trapped vol.3, where he worked on several tracks; now Tapestry Flow is fully our own project.

Exploration is the master of every track; on this album —unlike almost all my other projects — every song has its own story, even if they are not chapters completely closed in on themselves, but let’s say that they are rooms that overlook a long corridor, the windows open on the same garden. It’s like taking a cruise on an ocean during a sunset full of colorful clouds, or horseback riding in a lush forest. A good traveler is not interested in reaching the destination, in fact sometimes it doesn’t even exist, but above all it opens the senses during the journey.

Henrik perfectly interpreted with his splendid cello; what he developed I perceived as my own plot, and so we dragged ourselves into vibrant flows, ethereal moments, very lively and full-bodied sounds, layered with ideas, impetuous and vivid dreams.

Henrik Meierkord writes:

I met Marco on Facebook and Soundcloud in the musical networks. Marco liked my tracks and asked me if I could make some recordings for him with my cello, which lead to my participation in Trapped vol.3, a very nice album. It felt like a very good cooperation. After that we decided to make an album together, Tapestry Flow. I record my cello and strings as viola and double bass in my own studio and send to Marco. All the tracks I get from Marco match my soul and heart and I play with his tunes in a almost unconscious mood. Like floating.  A pleasure.

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  1. padmin

    From 482 MHz

    Den hårdast jobbande mannen i ambient-världen och tillika 482 MHz-favoriten, Henrik Meierkord, är åter aktuell med ett nytt album. Denna gång är det ett samarbete med italienske ambient-artisten Jarguna. Jargunas elektroniska ljudbilder är hypnotiska och varma, och det hela hade känts behagligt meditativt om det inte vore för Meierkords ödesmättade stråkar. De tar en från Jargunas uråldriga, mystiska plats och för en någonstans där det är kärvt och kallt – och som alltid väldigt spännande. Oftast hittar de en medelväg mellan värme och kyla, mellan hypnos och fasa. Ibland, som på ”Through Melancholy”, får Meierkord inte tillräckligt med utrymme och då gränsar det stundtals till new age-jazz. Bäst blir det på titelspåret, ”Tapestry Flow” och på ”Borealis”. Där närmar de sig drone och storheter inom genren som Rafael Anton Irrisarri. -Rating: 8/10

  2. padmin

    From Star’s End

    Whenever you are feeling homesick for the faraway, play Tapestry Flow (74’58”). This elegant collaboration between jarguna (multi-instrumentalist Marco Billi) and (contemporary cellist) Henrik Meierkord provides a journey well-worth joining. Rich and sometimes heaving with detail this album embraces a great spirit of openness, energy and exploration. Within its evocative and dark sound space minor-key melodies moan from Meierkord’s strings – while, marooned in the ether, Billi’s textures float in a bracing and effortlessly cool atmosphere. Made up of eight separate tracks, each its own unique expression, Tapestry Flow grows slower and more meditative as it slips ever deeper into dreaming.

    Lulling in a calm kindness this carefully arranged experience coaxes us along in a lovely current of languid cello leads and blooming synthetic flora. In a wild tide of sound full of vastness and intimacies the listener is constantly being invited inside. Utterly absorbed by its facility to transport we take well to these searching aural adventures on a darkening plain. But, being meditative does not mean Tapestry Flow has to be vague. With its easy cosmic intimations and renewing thought zones it guides the psyche to stillness. Yet, this duo still manages to imbue their work with enough drama to satisfy more experienced listeners. From its textures of desolation and still chill zones, to a charged musical charm, Tapestry Flow offers many profound musical moments; moments to strain against the pull of larger forces, and stand and reflect on our strength and solidarity. This truthful music, tinged by emotion and a beautiful yearning in its playing, seems to emanate from some other world. That it comes from somewhere in our present provides a much needed flicker of hope. -Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END 4 June 2020

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