Shinjuku Thief: Black Garden (soundtrack) (Digital)

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1. The Beach 01:10
2. Liquidation 02:36
3. The Drop 02:05
4. Talking in Shadows 03:35
5. Trivi 02:35
6. It’s Kate 01:08
7. Slow Deaths 05:28
8. Henry’s Discovery 09:43
9. Fallout Shelter 05:34
10. Meet Henry 01:42
11. Black Garden 01:57
12. Aftermath 02:03
13. Desolate Streets 04:48
14. Execution 02:20
15. Empty School 02:40
16. Tri VI 03:22
17. Emily 03:24
18. Kitchen 01:50
19. Mother & Daughter 01:18
20. A Story 01:50
21. Go Outside 08:03

Australia’s Bakers Road Entertainment releases Black Garden (soundtrack) on CD for the end of 2020. Limited edition of 500. The digital is on Projekt.

This 2020 soundtrack from Shinjuku Thief provides a rich, evocative underscore for the Australian feature film Black Garden, available now through Prime Video and iTunes (it’s free on Prime. Watch it in color or in black & white.)

Composer Darrin Verhagen’s trademark lush symphonic darkness is paired back to reveal the pulsing core beneath — an evocative ambient, post-industrial, drone soundscape. The score ranges in mood across the narrative arc. The occasional wrought orchestral highlights will be welcome touchstones for fans of the band’s earlier Witch Trilogy opus; dark ambient environments envelop the listener like a radioactive fog; and threaded throughout this lush darkness are moments of momentum, driven by electronic sequences as the drama continues to build.

Based on the 9th circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno, the film Black Garden begins on Christmas Eve in the near future. It’s eight days after the end of World War III and a handful of survivors wait to die, except one. As Kate makes contact with an unknown radio broadcaster, she travels on foot in search of his broadcast location until the true intention of the voice reveals himself.

For this mysterious journey, Shinjuku Thief’s score speaks to the emotional heart of the story as the central character comes to terms with both her existing loss as well as her growing suspicion of the conspiracy that’s unfolding.

This is the first Shinjuku Thief soundtrack since 2016’s acclaimed Boys in the Trees. Whilst that score had an almost John Carpenter-esque lilt, Black Garden is a much more overtly dark and mysterious affair.

Stay indoors. Turn out the lights and let Verhagen gently feed you his latest nightmare.


Shinjuku Thief is the recording project of Australian musician and soundtrack composer, Darrin Verhagen. Whilst releases have varied in style — from gothic orchestral, tribal ambient, through to more industrial genres — all are united by an intensely cinematic richness. The heyday for Shinjuku, and Darrin’s Dorobo label, was the fertile 1992-2002 decade, though Verhagen never stopped creating music. In Australia, he composes for contemporary dance, mainstage and experimental theatre, cable station idents, live productions and film. By day, he is also a soundtrack senior lecturer in the RMIT University Digital Media program.

Release: May 2020

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