Lorenzo Montanà: DUNUC (Digital)

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1. Screen001 06:36
2. Screen002 07:07
3. Screen003 07:57
4. Screen004 07:17
5. Screen005 08:59
6. Screen006 11:06
7. Screen007 08:01
8. Screen008 03:51

Ambient Music Guide wrote: Lorenzo Montana must be one of the most underrated producers in 21st century electronica – just check out what he’s done over past 10 years. The seven tracks on his latest album are clean, spacious and sometimes quite stark with a machine funk and complex patterns that sometimes echo classic 90’s ambient techno especially Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin’s bleepy collaborations.

After focusing on various ambient works, Lorenzo returns to elaborate pure minimal electronics with an album that traces his ambient techno background where complex rhythms become the compass to find the way. A trippy sound combined with acid lines surrounded by haunting synth ambience that just floats into your brain. Minimal down beat with hypnotizing melodies and evocative atmosphere.

Projekt release: November 21, 2020

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