Lorenzo Montanà: TexTrue (Digital)

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1 Atrium
2 Parallel Towers
3 Twosided
4 Secret Bath
5 Night Mosaic
6 Chapel of Silence
7 Traces Found
8 Treasures of Time

Italian electronic/drone artist Lorenzo Montanà returns to Projekt with TexTrue, inspired by reverential architectural elements of the past, silent gardens of Renaissance palaces, shrouded labyrinths and sacred paths. It’s an album of resonant ambient drones encircled by echoes of a forgotten past. 

Nocturnal and mysterious, the digital pulses were created with a boundless sense of history and place. Recording preliminary tracks in a castle’s vacant wing in northern Italy, Lorenzo took advantage of the winter’s semi-isolation to immerse in the historical atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the contrast between the pure enveloping cold and the severe medieval walls. 

Ruminative and ephemeral, half-remembered and distant, haunted and serene, TexTrue‘s organic sounds blend with electronic frequencies to initiate a primordial harmony in delicate layers, a True newborn Texture between melody and introspection, the TexTrue. 

The ambition of TexTrue is to reconstruct with sounds not only a state of mind, but also colors, smells and vibrations to create a real environment. One that has been woven with intertwined threads, where all the sound design and acoustic instruments are mixed, filtered and reworked to maintain an encompassing ambience engulfing the listener. This is the experience of TexTrue.


Lorenzo Montanà is an Italian soundtrack composer, sound engineer and producer. He started in the nineties producing & arranging more than 40 albums with several artists across the electronic, ambient, IDM, jazz, classical and rock genres. His meticulous production style finds a complex balance between melody and intricate beats. He published his first solo album (Black Ivy, 2009) and the 5-CD Labyrinth collaboration series with Pete Namlook on the label FAX +49-69/450464.”  His work as soundtrack composer landed in the trailer of The Hunger Games 1 & 2, Blade Runner 2049, Coriolanus and more. There is a cinematic aspect to Lorenzo’s works where the cinema, of course, is often in your mind.

Projekt release: July 6, 2021

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  1. padmin

    Google Translation:
    A nocturnal mosaic of moods and sensations that transport you to a state of deep meditation. Lorenzo Montana returns to Projekt to release one of his best records, TexTrue. A galaxy of sounds and colors orchestrated in eight songs that seem to get lost one inside the other without solution of continuity, such is the cohesion of the cd’s lineup. The tracks were born in a recording studio set up inside a medieval castle in the north of Italy, during the long winter of last year. The state of semi-isolation suggested to Lorenzo an intimate dimension for his music: Chapel of Silence and a prayer to be listened to all night in infinite repeat. Deep Listenings. -Roberto Mandolini

    Original Italian:
    Un mosaico notturno di umori e sensazioni che trasportano in uno stato di meditazione profonda. Lorenzo Montana torna su Projekt per pubblicare uno dei suoi dischi migliori, TexTrue. Una galassia di suoni e colori orchestrate in otto brani che sembrano perdersi l’uno dentro l’altro senza soluzione di continuita, tale e la coesione della scaletta del cd. Le tracce sono nate in uno studio di registrazione allestito dentro un castello medievale nei nord d’italia, durante il lungo inverno dell’anno scorso. Lo stato di semi-isolamento ha suggerito a Lorenzo una dimensione intima per la sua musica: Chapel of Silence e una preghiera da ascoltare tutta la notte in infinite repeat. Deep Listenings. -Roberto Mandolini

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