Various Artists: Discovery 2 (Free Unsigned Bands Collection) (Digital)

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1. VERBRASCO – Sun, Sand & Chicken Salt 03:59
2. AUREAH: Pray (Lycia cover) 04:27
3. NIGHTCRUSH: I Call You 04:45
4. PALM GHOSTS: Wide Awake and Waiting 03:44
5. MULLY & SCULDER: Like Animals 05:02
6. LEOPLD: Let it all go down 03:43
8. SHIPS IN THE NIGHT: In Dreams 05:11
9. WE ARE PARASOLS – dim (a product by design mix) 03:29
10. CHASE DOBSON: Disassociate 05:00

Cover image by Jools L. Sewell

Sam writes: My goal at Projekt has always been to assist you in the discovery of new music. The DISCOVERY series introduces you to unsigned and underground artists you might not otherwise hear. The styles cover a wide spectrum from shoegaze to dreampop to synth pop — from post-punk to new wave to dark synthgaze. Lots of great music here for fans of the darker, song-oriented side of the Projekt label. Download a copy today!

I’m often contacted by bands looking for a label. Many of the artist who send me music are quite good — sometimes they’re not exactly the type of music Projekt releases, oftentimes I’m just too swamped to add new artists to the label. Never-the-less many of them sure sound like something fans of Projekt would enjoy.

Projekt created the first DISCOVERY collection of unsigned bands in December 2015. It’s still a free download. Discover more music you might love!

If you like what you hear, dive deeper into the music of DISCOVERY 2’s artists:

1. VERBRASCO — Sun, Sand & Chicken Salt | Spotify | Instagram
2. AUREAH — Pray (Lycia cover) | Soundcloud
3. NIGHTCRUSH — I Call You | Facebook | Instagram
4. PALM GHOSTS — Wide Awake and Waiting | Bandcamp |
5. MULLY & SCULDER — Like Animals | | bandcamp
6. LEOPLD — Let it all go down | bandcamp | spotify
7. TERROR VOID COMPLEX — Raze | bandcamp | instagram
8. SHIPS IN THE NIGHT — In Dreams | bandcamp | facebook
9. WE ARE PARASOLS — dim (a product by design mix) | bandcamp |
10. CHASE DOBSON — Disassociate | bandcamp

Released: March 2 2020


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