Jarguna – Seetyca: Tales of Millennial Trees (Digital)

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1. The Wait of the Acorn 08:36
2. Gravitropism 09:44
3. Bark, My Armor 08:28
4. I’ve See Too Many Wars 07:56
5. Black Forest 07:44
6. Wisdom Without Eyes 14:44
7. Terra Nativa 13:12

Evolving drones. Organic texture. Ambient electronic environments. Jarguna collaborates with Seetyca. Synthetic tapestries and many field recordings; sounds that evoke nature, suggesting the listener identify with the trees — those large, majestic creatures, the longest-living beings of our Earth that have stood tall, watching every human event in the last 1000 years.

Jarguna writes:

A forest, a large majestic oak dwelling for many centuries on a hill, beneath its fronds, its leathery and elegant leaves throb like butterflies made of light, passing rays of light like reflections in the water, and everything becomes a dream.

Thousands of people have passed under this organism, some simply to rest under his shadow, some to shelter from a rain, some to read a book, some with friends or his love, moments of pain, joys and sadness, he is always there, with his enormous arms he wraps everything and supports.

Under a tree you are protected like a hen that wraps its chicks, you feel its strength, its tenacity, these beings can live dozens of times more than we do, even without a nervous system you perceive their wisdom.

This album focuses on these large plants, the longest-lived living beings of our Earth. As artists, we imagined giving them the word, describing their emotions through sound, what they may have “seen” or “felt.”

With my friend Seetyca we have developed synthetic textures and tapestries but also many field recordings, therefore sounds that evoke nature, but at the same time suggest the listener to identify with these plants.

Organic loops, sometimes melodic drones, the layers of the samplers play to confuse the hearing by generating sound spirits, trolls that discuss the time it makes sitting at a table with a cup of tea and little finger raised like English lords.

Granular synthesis, scratchy, saturated sounds, on the verge of distortion or better to say glitch, are a texture like the bark of a large Pine or a mighty holm Oak, a geometric armor, sometimes fractal geometry. I could call this work an Evolving drones or I like Fractal Soundscape, since in nature you find a Fibonacci spiral almost everywhere that is repeated both in micro and macro cosmos. Entering into this architecture electronic sounds can be the best of interpretations

The waveforms are like sap that is pushed towards the higher parts of the tree trunk. We used every weapon available to describe this theme, without exaggerating in the phrasing, refrains or aggressive rhythms, we simulated the creaking, the fronds shaken by the wind, closing our eyes we imagined that squirrels and owls nest in our synthesizers.

You are born and you see that tree, your grandfather talks about how many things he did near that tree, you die and the tree is always there, your son or grandson continues to see that tree and he will talk to his children about how many joys he lived around the tree … doesn’t it seem incredible to you? For this reason an album, staves, instruments or polyphony is not enough to describe the immensity of these creatures.

seetyca writes

Jarguna contacted me and asked for doing some music together and I instantly accepted. I knew of his musical output and soon we detected musical synergy here. Our contributions fit into the other very organically. “Nice natural symbiosis”

I still develop it live here now… Trees are the oldest lifeforms on Earth. They stood tall and watched every human event in the last 1000 years. And I believe that there’s a kind of ritual, a secret access ceremony to their witness. Listen to the rustling of leaves on dry autumn days and put your hands to the bark of trees and you can feel what they can see…

October. Out there in the fields, on a hill maybe. The wind carries dust from remote places and there’s this old tree waiting here. Waiting since the beginning of time. And still stands waiting, when we all are gone with the wind as dust to other hills.

This tree witnessed all the foolish little things men do, calling it their lives, sometimes smiling in wisdom. Sometimes shaking its leaves, terrified of their meaningless actions. But on dry autumn days like this you can access their millennial memories, opened with a secret ritual. It is about listening, about touching the bark of the tree, its about understanding nature.

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  1. padmin

    From Avant Music News

    This ambient / electronic release is a dense mixture of organic, primal sounds derived from field recordings, synths, loops, and found-object percussion. Unlike the darker side of the ambient coin, Tales of Millennial Trees evokes a natural warmth – a forest or landscape filled with strange flora and fauna. Crackling elements reside on top of slowly-wafting waves of synths, with odd beats as well as rhythmless percussion. Nonetheless, all is not peaceful in this autochthonous world, as there is an underlying peril to those who do not tread carefully. This tenebrosity is not necessarily intentional, but is instead the result of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection.

    Across nearly 70 minutes, Jarguna and Seetyca collaborate on rich, heady drones surrounded by the humid and rough textures of an ancient forest. Birds call in the distance while echoing patterns and pulses build a soundscape both familiar and alien. To the extent that these sounds are cinematic, they would more comfortably fit a documentary than a drama. Nonetheless, this effort stands apart from traditional synth-driven works, and for that reason alone comes recommended. -Mike

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