Jarguna and friends: Trapped Vol.3 (Digital)

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1. Sweet Awakening 06:15
2. Black Forest 08:30
3. Earth Mother Breathing 08:15
4. Shadows in the Deep Valley 08:01
5. Nightlife 06:34
6. Shavasana 11:38
7. Archon 08:14
8. Föst 06:58
9. High Peaks 09:58
10. Fabula 07:11
11. Avalokitesvara 10:28

Border Music: 11 poems with 14 poets webbed together via vibrations generated by instruments, objects, field recordings; each using his pen to give life to his emotions.

“In just two years,” Jarguna explains, “I have produced three volumes of Trapped alongside all my other parallel musical projects. I have to thank the artists who dedicated time and trust in me. With the Trapped series I want to represent the metaphorical allusion of me as the spider and the friends, artists and groups as ‘prey’ which I trap into my ‘music web.’”

With this volume, the challenge of intertwining artists from different genres — from darkAmbient to jazz, chillout, folk — grows more complex, creating a release with diverse stylistic changes over the course of 92(!) minutes. It’s an intersection of electronic sounds (synthesizers, samples, loops, many effects) with clean acoustics (classical guitar, ethnic wind instruments, sax, and violoncello.) Together, Jarguna and his prey have created an articulated structure that is difficult to classify in any one style.

“In fact,” Jarguna continues, “I would like to use the term that Nicola Serena thought and proposed as ‘order music’ or ‘fringe music,’ as it is not pure electronic, not pure acoustics. Though I know many people would classify this style as new age, in truth I’ve never been interested in classifying; I don’t want to spend too much time to identify the genre, it’s all a bit unidentifiable — but yes, let’s say border music I really like it.”

And what of those spiders that grace the covers of all three releases in the Trapped series? Jarguna has thoughts! “There are very few people who know how to appreciate some animals like a spider, which like others such as snakes and reptiles create a sense of disgust, horror, we can say an atavistic terror. Primordial! I love them and am literally amazed. Without these beings the food chain would break; there would not even be the decomposition of the organic material of the plants which thanks to spiders split and transform into fertile ground. The spider, despite being of small stature, is a formidable predator, patient and capable of organizing amazing architectures with his silk thread that is one of his main weapons: the canvas (web). I decided, metaphorically, to take the form of a spider because one of my life’s abilities is to weave canvases to trap people and situations. Bold, often brash, I capture the attention by pushing artists to meet even though they have very different lifestyles. This is how the idea of ​​these volumes was born. I invite friends to my house and the prey does its job: it creates the canvas. My desire is to try to trap their ideas, eagerly learn their style, learn their experience. I have grown a lot thanks to all the artists who have dedicated their time for me and for these volumes. So I just have to thank my wonderful prey!”

From a David Gilmour-style guitar by Riccardo Dellocchio, to effects-packed synthesizers by Chris Russell, to jazz player Franchesco Schina allowing me to link my syntheses with his sax, Greg Moorcrof with percussion, rattles and guitar, John Tocher and Simone Santarsiero to build drones full of emphasis and mystery, Massimo Di Nocera with his splendid and romantic acoustic guitar (he produces music for yoga practices and I have the honor of coloring his live performances with keyboards and environmental recordings. The energetic “Nightlife” piece by Nicola Serena and Alessandro Manno, Reese William with a drone generated by his voice, Giuseppe Dal Bianco taught ethnic music for 30 years in schools, enchants the senses with wind instruments of various ethnic origins, some also created by him, Ronny (aka Seetyca) we imagined wild and pristine northern forests, and not least the spectacular cello by Henrik Meierkord.

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01 Sweet Awakening … 6:15
Jarguna (Marco Billi): Field Recording, Synth,
Riccardo Dellocchio: Guitar
Francesco Schina: Sax

02 Black Forest … 8:31
Seetyca: Drone, Percussion
jarguna (Marco Billi): Synth, Field recording, Background sound (sound goblins)

03 Earth Mother Breathing … 8:16
jarguna (Marco Billi): drone synth modular
Eyes Cast Down: Guitar, Percussion, Rainstick and Shakers
Francesco Schina: Sax
Chris Russell: Synth

04 Shadows in the Deep Valley … 8:02
Grove of Whispers (John Tocher): The Buddhalizer
jarguna (Marco Billi): Field Recording, sampling
Uzbazur (Simone Santarsiero): Vocoder texture, Effect

05 Nightlife … 6:35
Nicola Serena: Synth, Sequencer, Bass
Alessandro Manno: Guitar
jarguna (Marco Billi): Synth, Sequencer
Henrik Meierkord: Cello
Francesco Schina: Sax

06 Shavasana … 11:38
Kyo (Massimo Di Nocera): Guitar
jarguna (Marco Billi): Field recording, Synth

07 Archon … 8:15
Reese William: Sampler, Synth
jarguna (Marco Billi): Percussion, Texture

08 Föst … 6:59
Chris Russell: Synth, Shaker, Various objects.
jarguna (Marco Billi): Modular synth, Bass.

09 High Peaks … 9:58
jarguna (Marco Billi): Synth, Sequencer
Giuseppe Dal Bianco: Rattle Juju (Ghana), Shofar (Israel), Pan Flute (Italy), Hulusi (China), Duduk (Armenia), Mbira (Zimbawe), Cowbells Agogò (Brasile).
Giuseppe Laudanna for recording and mixing for the part of Giuseppe Dal Bianco

10 Fabula … 6:22
jarguna (Marco Billi): keyboard, Synth
Riccardo Dellocchio: Guitar
Francesco Schina: Sax
Henrik Meierkord: Cello

11 Avalokitesvara … 10:28
jarguna (Marco Billi): Bansuri Flute, analog and digital synthetizer
Henrik Meierkord: Cello

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