Polly Fae: Dreamwalkers (CD/Digital) (Paulina Cassidy)

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1. The Space Inbetween 03:32
2. Let Us In 04:56
3. Incoming Dreamland 03:34
4. Carry the Spell 02:33
5. Spaceman 05:35
6. And the Night 02:45
7. Fawn Moon 03:30
8. The Dreamcatcher and the Owl 02:40
9. We Are the Stars 04:56
10. The Lost and Haunted 03:31
11. The Ghost in the Mirror 02:55
12. Shadow Memories 04:05
13. Love Everlasting 02:36
14. Dreamwalkers 03:06
15. Lightbody 05:22


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Polly Fae (known previously as Paulina Cassidy) returns with quiet bewitchment on her new album of 15 swirling atmospheric pieces straddling the boundaries of ambient and dream pop. Awakened with trance-inducing melodies from the threshold of earthly and galactic realms, Dreamwalkers escorts the listener into a reverie of ghostly tones and enticing chants. It’s ethereal, gossamer and shimmering, evoking in-between times and places.

With sparse electronic instrumentation and Polly’s signature half-whispered soft, sultry vocals drifting from the recess of the subconscious, the tracks sculpt a private universe of floating, silky aesthetic. Polly’s voice is a graceful instrument beneath a wisp of echo and dreams; the fluidly-layered pieces draw the listener into her world of audible art.

Steve Davis, associate producer of HEARTS OF SPACE Radio Program, wrote about her recent album: she creates “….a quiet masterpiece, both earthly and ethereal. Through her music, lyrics and images she guides us through an alluring world that seems strange yet familiar, distant but as close as your heart. The veil of the dreamworld is near; the Eternal Feminine is calling.”

These compositions are love letters for the passionate heart with a desire to drift into worlds unknown. Born of vortex storms and a kiss of stardust, Dreamwalkers unearths hidden aspects of the soul from the depth of dreaming. Float into eternity with a spaceman and run astray into the dark of night with the fawn moon. Enchanting and tranquil, yet shadowy and peculiar, the lullaby-esque songs bring to light an au courant rendering of the nature of reality and its arcane kinship to the celestial-bound dreamer. Rest your head, and open the door to a new reality.

“Dream pop, with a capital D.” – Rock Portaal

We first met Polly with her hypnotic version of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ on Projekt’s 2012 Ornamental holiday sampler. In 2014, we were given Sugar Wingshiver, a full album of whimsical and lushly-textured songs. 2018 brought Drawing up a storm, an album of aqueous melodies, and the beginning of 2019 brought Phantom Gardens, a landscape of lush songs from otherworldly plant life. She returns with Dreamwalkers, a new album of sensuous compositions to transport the listener to another dimensional space.

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