jarguna: First Decade (Digital)

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1. Altoplano Index2 05:14
2. On Top of the World* 08:19
3. Fly Over Dunes 14:44
4. Garden of the Mantras* 09:36
5. Nebula 08:09
6. Dimension Gate 13:36
7. Peace in Deep Abyss 07:48
8. Plateaux in Jade 08:48
9. Ring of Life 13:24
10. Quiescence* 08:47
11. Geodes 10:36
12. Sankalpa 15:38
13. Ecstatic Ascent 13:34

jarguna is Italian sound-artist Marco Billi and First Decade is his 21st album. Jarguna writes: “To inaugurate my first decade of music production I decided to select songs and make a compilation of selected tracks for relaxation, meditation or simple accompaniment for days that need to be filled with melodic but introspective frequencies. Music like smells are nourishment for the soul and this is my gesture to wish for a street full of light and awareness.”


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