jarguna: Pareidolia (Digital)

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1. Little Black Fairy 10:57
2. Hidden Entities 06:07
3. Tricks in the Clouds 10:20
4. One More Level 13:30
5. Refraction Light 07:35
6. Spiteful Troll 08:32
7. Search of the Sacred 11:18
8. Return to the Paganism 07:54

jarguna is Italian sound-artist Marco Billi and Pareidolia is his 27th album. While retaining the ethno-organic-ambient sound that he is known for, this release has the added pleasure of sequencer electronics (on tracks such as “Return to the Paganism”), or space-musicscapes with long drones and melodic lead-like synthesizer (on tracks such as “One More Level.”). A truly gifted and spirited journeyer, jarguna released his first album in 1998, and for 20 years has explored his environment, bringing new inspiration from his travels in Africa, Asia and Central America to his ethnical, tribal, ritualistic journey of sound.

Pareidolia or Pseidolithic illusion (from the Greek èidōlon, “image”, with the prefix parà, “near”) is the subconscious illusion that leads to perceiving known forms, objects or profiles with random forms. One of the most classic examples of pareidolia is the sphinx on Mars. How we wish it to be true: for there to be concrete evidence that more-intelligent extraterrestrial beings have left evidence of their passage.

“With this idea of illusion in mind,” jarguna reflects, “I explored new soundpaths, including the meanders of the psyche where these ideas are born; reality is always easier than what our mnemonic filter builds. Although I regularly explore sounds and new themes, on Pareidolia my style moves in alternating tracks between light and darkness, a roller coaster where the melody is followed by darker textures to bring out the melodies, or the other way around. In this album there are ethereal moments like “Search of the Sacred,” to more material phases like “One More Level,” and mysterious phases like “Trick in the Clouds.” The concept of the term, especially the auditory illusion, is expressed in its maximum on ‘Spiteful Troll’ where natural, synthetic sounds, real animals recorded in the field and artfact simulations mix together to create a plot of sounds that confuse the real with the illusion.”

Almost all the album is dedicated to mythological entities, from fairies, Trolls, to sacred and pagan icons that we find in inanimate objects, a trip into the illusion of our conditioning.


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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Sequenzerwelten

    It is always exciting to enter uncharted musical territory. In this case it is Marco Billi Jarguna from Italy, who has already released a whole series of CDs and downloads. The music goes slightly in the direction of that of Alio Die, whereby I already like to classify the Italian style of electronic music with some musicians as a bit typical – at least many elements 🙂

    Since I had not heard of Jarguna so far, I’m really fond of his latest CD Pareilodia. The music is classified in the Deepambient and has an ethnic character. Here you feel transported into a world where trolls and mythical creatures are at home. Everything is very mysterious and surrounded by an exciting atmosphere.
    …. and the trolls? They are very much alive in the track “Spiteful Troll” 🙂

    I am sure that the Pareilodia will not be the last CD of Jarguna that I report on. I like them very much so I can highly recommend them to any ambient friend! -Uwe Sasse

    Original German text:
    Es ist immer wieder eine spannende Angelegenheit musikalisches Neuland zu betreten. In diesem Falle ist es Marco Billi Jarguna aus Italien, der auch schon eine ganze Reihe von CD´s, bzw. Downloads veröffentlicht hat. Die Musik geht leicht in die Richtung wie der von Alio Die, wobei ich dem italienischen Stil der elektronischen Musik schon bei einigen Musikern schon fast ein wenig typisch einstufen möchte – zumindest viele Elemente 🙂

    Da ich bisher nichts von Jarguna gehört hatte, so bin ich von seiner neuesten CD Pareilodia wirklich angetan. Die Musik ist im Deepambient einzuordnen und hat einen ethnischen Charakter. Hier fühlt man sich in eine Welt hineinversetzt, in der Trolle und Fabelwesen zuhause sind. Alles ist sehr Geheimnisvoll und von einer spannenden Athmosphäre umgeben.
    …. und die Trolls? Die werden in dem Stück “Spiteful Troll” sehr lebendig 🙂

    Ich bin mir sicher, dass die Pareilodia nicht die letzte CD von Jarguna sein wird, über die ich berichte. Mir gefällt sie außerordentlich gut und somit kann ich sie jedem Ambientfreund wärmstens empfehlen! -Uwe Sasse

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