Paulina Fae: drawing up a storm (Digital)

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1. waterdancer 06:08
2. ocean nymph 03:44
3. seahorses 03:34
4. asleep in the undercurrent 04:32
5.drawing up a storm 06:00
6.born of mist 03:57
7.summer rain 05:41
8.soaring through portals 05:17
9.vines 04:22
10.forest of the strange ones 03:09
11.fireflies in amethyst skies 02:54
12. blackbird lagoon 04:43

“Paulina Fae’s Drawing Up a Storm is a quiet masterpiece, both earthly and ethereal. Through her music, lyrics and images she guides us through an alluring world that seems strange yet familiar, distant but as close as your heart. The veil of the dreamworld is near; the Eternal Feminine is calling.” – Steve Davis, Associate Producer HEARTS OF SPACE Radio Program. And host of “Neptune Currents” KKUP (91.5 FM) San Jose, CA

“Slip through the veil and enter Paulina Fae’s dreamy, faerie-flecked world for a while.” – Hypnagogue

Paulina Fae returns with a new album of exotic dreampop and atmospheric compositions; her steamy, half-whispered vocals entwine within the ethereal dreamscapes which work their way into your mind and soul with their fragile, glassy, haunting tone.

We first met Paulina with her hypnotic and magical “Frosty the Snowman” on Projekt’s 2012 ORNAMENTAL holiday sampler. In 2014, we were given SUGAR WINGSHIVER: a full album of whimsical and lushly-textured songs.

A visual artist by trade, Paulina uses her sultry voice as an ethereal instrument within her fluidly-layered electronics to create a fascinating world of audible art. DRAWING UP A STORM lures the listener into an aqueous dreamland of seahorses, undines, and nymphs with sumptuous storms, spiraling vines, and hidden forests of the strange ones. From out of the fibers of melodia, Paulina opens a portal on a fluid journey with the elementals of song, weaving luscious magic alongside the curious dance of otherworldly pulses.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Paulina paints, writes, and crafts songs from her home studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Creatress… more
released February 23, 2018

Includes 14-page digital booklet pdf


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  1. padmin

    From Peek a Boo

    Canadian musician and illustrator Paulina Fae has just released her second solo album on the beloved US label Projekt Records. Drawing Up A Storm is a digital release of twelve beautiful tracks that go from instrumental soundscapes to more song-oriented compositions but always very atmospheric and dream-like.

    It’s easy to pigeonhole Fae’s music as fairy-like and there’s definitely a certain otherworldly quality to it, especially thanks to its connection with her work as a visual artist and illustrator, which always conveys a certain late-XIX century fairytale atmosphere. And yet her music is much more than that. Her use of electronic beats, synths and samples is fantastic (for example in tracks like ‘Ocean Nymph’ or ‘Seahorses’) and shows that she’s paying attention to contemporary electronic music and possibly also to impossible-to-classify artists like the Finnish producer Lau Nau (whose latest album I also reviewed here) and especially fellow Canadian band Tasseomancy, with whom she definitely shares a similar approach. All this reminds us that Projekt was always a very forward-looking and experimental label, especially in the nineties (what other Darkwave label could have released a band like lovesliescrushing, for example?). So this album sits well with both contemporary Dream Pop, and with the rest of the Projekt legacy.

    Apart from the aforementioned tracks, other highlights include the amazing album opener ‘Waterdancer’ and the title track ‘Drawing Up A Storm’, both of them Darkwave gems in the tradition of Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Is Colder Than Death, and even early Cranes. Here Fae’s vocals manage to be earthly and ethereal at the same time, which is no mean feat. Also highly recommended are all of the instrumental tracks actually, especially ‘Fireflies In The Amethyst Skies’.

    The album as a whole is a truly magical experience from start to finish and a fine addition to the Projekt catalogue. -Gustavo A. Roselinsky

  2. Reviews Editor

    From Decimononic

    Pick up your headphones, sit back and relax. Drawing up a storm is an album that will make you travel to an evocative underwater universe brought to you with great care by Paulina Fae and Projekt Records. Featuring some masterpieces of the heavenly voices genre – like the one that named it, this album includes 12 songs arranged with great delicacy and outstanding attention to detail.

    Oh, the song. Be prepared to be cradled by the mysterious voice of Paulina as she whispers inspiring lyrics in order to create a dreamy tide of ethereal poetry just for your delight. Be ready to be lulled by mermaid-proof music that seems to have been composed by aquatic creatures. The hypnotic sounds reverberate and resound echoing through your mind and helping you drown… let yourself be seduced and dragged away by the current.

    By the way, such a mesmerizing atmosphere is strengthend by a beautiful 14-page fully-illustrated booklet. We welcome you to the underwater kingdom of Paulina
    Fae. -JF Alfaya

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