Various: Fifty Shades Darker (music for a sensual evening)

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1. Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Caught by a stranger (Live in Bucharest 2011) 03:22
2. Erik Wøllo – Chroma 06:27
3. Mercury’s Antennae – Chrysalis (DeepHearted Remix) 05:14
4. Forrest Fang – Midnight Rain 07:56
5. Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Russia 06:41
6. Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Tell me you’ve taken another (1999) 05:18
7. Steve Roach – Spiral Meditation (edit) 05:09
8. Black Tape For A Blue Girl – The Green Box 06:39
9. Sam Rosenthal – Rae (edit) 09:18


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Digital freelease: What if Projekt had put together the soundtrack to the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel? It would sound a little something like this!

Includes a previously unreleased live version of Black tape for a blue girl’s “Caught by a stranger.”

Compiled by Sam
Cover design by Sam
The model is Mercy West

Release date: February 6, 20175

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