Thanatos: Exterminating Angel (Digital)

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1. Homage To Catalonia 04:05
2. I Went Down Swinging 03:48
3. Scattered 03:42
4. Dead Birds 03:03
5. Judgment 02:09
6. They All Fade 04:02
7. Avoid the Mention 01:21
8. Decoration Day 04:10
9. Dead Birds Alive 05:58
10. Scattered Alive 04:16
11. My Heart Is Useless 03:52
12. Brother Dragon 04:42
13. Why Did You Leave Me Alone? 04:37
14. When The Heat Breaks 05:06
15. Carrickfergus 07:21

Unreleased 2013 album

In 2001 Thanatos started recording a new record, writing songs and working with a variety of musicians. Then a delivery of hot sauce got in the way. A broken hot sauce bottle sliced through singer/guitarist Patrick Ogle’s hand, requiring surgery and making playing the guitar impossible (which also made writing songs impossible). After surgery Ogle enlisted the help of Trance to the Sun’s Ashkelon Sain and flew out to Santa Barbara recording three songs — Brother Dragon, My Heart is Useless and the cover of the Irish folk song, Carickfergus. Ogle’s original version was 3 minutes long. The Sain-arrangement clocks in at over 7 minutes. The guitar was recorded in one take and the vocals in one take with one punch in.

Then the record went on the shelf until Ogle moved to Chicago in 2005 and started working with Chicago Musician Tim Larson (The Drovers). Larson, Thanatos bassist Eric Polcyn, singer Marcela Aguero and Chris Connelly all appear on the studio versions. But a funny thing happened. Thanatos actually played a live show! …and some of the versions of the songs performed were so good they wound up on the LP.

This truly is something of a lost LP. It was never OFFICIALLY released.


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