Thanatos: I am Not Job (Illegal Teenage Bikini) (Digital)

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1. Massive, MASSIVE Object 03:45
2. I Am Not Job 04:55
3. Akira Okubu 04:22
4. Oklahoma City Ballroom 03:18
5. Larger Than The Sky 03:23
6. Drop The Dime 06:59
7. Statues Never Have Fingernails 04:11
8. I’m Still Not Job (remix) 04:09
9. Between The Wars 03:21

Musician Patrick Ogle’s 2002 “I Am Not Job” incorporates acoustic guitars, loops and electronics to create songs ruminating on the passage of time, history, transgender truck stop dance enthusiasts and cosmology. The music balances somewhere between darkwave and trip hop but doesn’t completely swear allegiance to any genre. There are even hints of early industrial and country lurking on this record. The LP features the last track recorded by William Tucker.

The LP was mastered by legendary ambient artist, Robert Rich.


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