Loren Nerell: Book of Alchemy (Digital)

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1. The World Spirit 12:44
2. The Crucible 14:35
3. Essence 07:32
4. Iron Filings 08:11
5. Cinnabar 04:31
6. Burned Alum 06:43

Loren’s 2nd album, 1989

Audion Magazine No. 14 March 1990 – Alan Freeman:

I didn’t quite know what to expect from Loren’s new album – I knew it would be exciting and different, but I definitely didn’t expect this!

A totally different world from his debut a Book of Alchemy is a dazzling concoction. As a synth album, it is quite unique, most of the time one doesn’t even notice the synths presence; guitars, percussives and a very wide range of tone colours take us on a fanciful and magical trip to nether mysterious regions of the Earth. The World Spirit visits technology, the world’s cities and commuters, via an upbeat synth-rock, whereas, in deep contrast, Iron Fillings takes us to the deepest rain forests (why it’s called Iron Fillings I don’t know) with ancient tribal percussives courtesy of Djam Karet drummer Chuck Oken Jr.

Everything about this album is fascinating, and it would be pointless to fully review all six tracks. Just don’t forget, if you’re into experiencing groundbreaking new synth music, this is where it’s at!

Dreams Word Issue No. 10 Winter 90/91- Mike Birtchet:

If you want eclecticism in your e-music listening, check out this tape. The theme here is mysticism. But rather than settling for the usual synth-base dronings on the subject, Mr. Nerell breaks out ripping rock guitars, various percussives, and recordings of various ethnic folk singers for a truly vibrant album. The World Spirit gets the album off to a roaring start with a blend of Tibetan Buddhist chants, Gregorian chants, African tribal chants, Moslem singing and two rock guitars, all held together by Nerell’s sublime synth work. Iron Fillings is another delight, featuring Indonesian gongs, and a rain stick (a long hollow instrument that, when rattled, sounds like just what it says). The cassette artwork has one of the best designs I’ve seen, using medieval woodcuts and a rune representing each cut.


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