Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Highlights 2016​-​2020 (Digital) (name-your-price)

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1. Through sky blue rooms (2016) 01:27
2. the Stars 04:42
3. Limitless 03:20
4. In my memories 03:37
5. Quien yo soy 03:00
6. One promised love 04:29
7. Scream, my shallow (2020) 07:41
8. Does anything remain 09:18
9. She ran so far away that she no longer can be found 04:26
10. To touch the milky way 08:12

Ethereal, evocative, powerful and introspective, Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s recent studio albums expand upon the sweeping darkwave / art rock aesthetic they’ve developed over the past 34 years. Their eclectic, modernist approach refreshes BlackTape’s pioneering musical sentiments while maintaining the unique originality of their sound.

Highlights collects 10-tracks in a 50 minute overview of their last four years, ranging from ethereal dream pop to brooding darkwave, to atmospheric ambient drone. Three non-album cuts include a re-recording of 1989’s “Through sky blue rooms,” while on the 2020 exclusive-to-this-collection version of 1987’s “Scream, my shallow” vocalist Danielle Herrera recreates this harrowing story of obsession and denial.

As the premier artist on the Projekt label he founded in the early 80s, bandleader Sam Rosenthal is a tireless creator of new sounds blended with foreboding, engaging lyricism. A contemplative twilight hangs over these tracks.

“Reconnect with and reflect on the larger legacy of
Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s emotive whirlwind.”

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