vidnaObmana: 1984​-​1986 (Testament Of Tape) (Digital)

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Disc 1:
1 Dream Into Dream 03:25
2. Sin, Believe and Ancienty 03:08
3. The Feedbacker 05:44
4. Below Anti-Terror 07:20
5. Deathstep 03:00
6. Ignore The Beast From Inside 04:51
7. Dark Power Overcomes It All 03:32
8. The Drift 03:25
9. Psb Constructions 04:12

Disc 2:
10. Only Fear Will Survive 08:24
11. Blow-Out Entrails 05:42
12. Sudden Demon 06:49
13. Bloodhole 08:04
14. Ecstacy 06:59
15. Cry Of Despair 06:37

Disc 3:
16. Deep End Of Nothing 08:17
17. Atmosphere One : Wall 06:23
18. A Shroud Of Nihilism 07:26
19. The Condor Of Doom 07:41
20. Exploring The Outside 06:21
21. Red Blooded Sky 07:03
22. Burnpassion 02:31
23. Inferno 05:10
24. Grave upon body 07:26

This release comes from the early phase of vidnaObmana’s career. 1984-1986 (Testament Of Tape) captures vidnaObmana in its most experimental phase during the obscure tape period. Searching for his own musical voice, internationally known and respected sound-artist Dirk Serries moves from utterly relentless noise music to rhythmical industrial outbursts. This 3-disc set features unreleased and extremely rare tracks from a personal friend’s private collection (music that was recorded exclusively for him) to songs from early cassettes releases. A collection that combines very beat-orientated-material in best manner of early Blackhouse or even Esplendor Geometrico and music that presents the fundament and roots for his later works. Originally released as a 3LP-Box lmtd. to 489 on Vinyl On Demand (Germany).


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