Forrest Fang: Some Brighter Stars (Digital)

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  1. In Passing
  2. Monsoon
  3. Soldier of Fortune
  4. Nether
  5. Desert
  6. Fugue
  7. Migration Delay
  8. Mirrors Surround the Sun (Fata Morgana)
  9. On The Horizon
  10. Psyche (bonus track)

As part of its series of reissues of seminal works from ambient / progressive musician Forrest Fang, Projekt makes Fang’s second album, Some Brighter Stars, available digitally for the first time. Released in 1982, on this album Fang applies tape delay techniques and a minimalist sensibility to analog synthesizers and acoustic instruments such as violin and piano. Originally available on Fang’s Ominous Thud label in a limited vinyl issue of 300 copies, Some Brighter Stars has been newly remastered by ambient musician Robert Rich and includes a previously unreleased bonus track.

The artwork is by Mark Mushet, who has also provided for the artwork for Fang’s Projekt albums, Animism, Unbound (as Sans Serif), and Phantoms.

What reviewers have said about Some Brighter Stars:

“Dark, mysterious and … complex … using tape loops, delays, and synthesizer improvisation, in addition to using piano, violin, mandolin, recorder and various percussion. What impresses immediately is the amount of depth and subtlety.” – OP.

“Rich textures and solid composition.” – Sound Choice.


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