Arcanta: the sacred and the profane

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  1. Amidst The Breakers
  2. No Hope No Fear
  3. The Light Of Setting Suns
  4. Lakshmita
  5. Upanishad
  6. Novalis
  7. Oasis (Desert Cactus Blooming)
  8. Remembrance
  9. Sutra
  10. The Magdalen
  11. Surrender (The Sacred And The Profane)

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The Sacred and the Profane, Arcanta’s highly anticipated third album, exceeds all expectations. Mysterious, majestic and intense, the music is at once deeply personal and transcendently universal. Wordless hymns blend with sanskrit From the haunting “Remembrance” to the exhilarating rhythms of “The Magdalen”, Arcanta engages the listener in ways uniquely beautiful and strange, primal and profound…evoking the sacred and profane. Evoking an ancient past that never was, the music of Arcanta is primal, passionate, and profound…The stunning vocals of Thomas-Carlyle Ayres are the centerpiece; seldom does one come across a voice this powerful. A spiritual ambience is created through Latin, Sanskrit, and wordless incantations. The effect is often Medieval or Middle Eastern – it is always a moving experience. Backed by atmospheric keyboards, guitars, and percussion, the sound is timeless, uplifting, strange and beautiful…

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