Erik Wøllo: Celestia (Digital EP)

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  1. Celestia, part 1 | MP3 Excerpt
  2. Celestia, part 2 | MP3 Excerpt
  3. Celestia, part 3 | MP3 Excerpt
  4. Celestia, part 4 | MP3 Excerpt

Celestia is an electronic ambient mini-album of brand new music from the Norwegian master of innovative electronic soundscapes. This mini-album is an instrumental atmospheric suite in 4 continuous parts; it’s one of the most ambient works from Erik since the release of Silent Currents in 2011. The sound is a mix of slow, long sustaining zones drifting into sequenced rhythmical passages. The melodic elements are more distant and blended than past releases, with contrasting sections of eerie, blurred cluster-chords and dark floating background drones. The extensive use of a 1976 analogue synthesizer – the Arp Pro/DGX – makes this a unique sounding excursion into an unity of dynamic and beautiful soundscapes with a wide spectrum of colors in harmony. Celestia is an ethereal sonic experience: music with a highly cinematic and imaginative quality.

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2013 features 27 minutes of dreamy electronic music. With this release, Wollo’s predilection for tender beauty surpasses his previous successes. The music here pulsates as a distinct agility infects the gentle ambience. Electronics and processed guitar conspire with rare instances of understated percussives to generate tuneage of remarkable enchantment.

    For this release, the guitar stylings are confined to just processed texturals. These expressions create moments that seethe with emotional gentility. Atmospheric keyboards contribute threads of gorgeous definition to the overall cloudlike presence adopted by the music. Their cyclic oscillations mimic a stellar twinkle, but of a secondary nature, like sunlight reflected off dangling icicles. These compositions shine with tender puissance, the sort of power that goes unnoticed until it has sneakily conquered the listener’s subconscious. Each passage demonstrates an outstanding capacity for subtle charm. The amiable pieces ring with a peaceful mastery rooted in tenuous chords coexisting to affect a gestalt of glittering fascination.

    The last track offers a superb dose of strength as chugging rhythms coax swishing keyboards and dreamy texturals into a state of relaxed agitation, resulting in a wondrous tune whose tenderness is perfectly balanced with a touch of animation. -Matt Howarth

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