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  1. Mint / Cauldron Street V.1 (12:12) | MP3 Clip
  2. August Rain V.1 (8:10) | MP3 Clip
  3. Eonite Trip (6:50) | MP3 Clip
  4. Voidswallow II (7:52) | MP3 Clip
  5. Eyes Through Glass (4:55) | MP3 Clip
  6. Exhibition III (6:47) | MP3 Clip
  7. Ghost Forest (5:58)

    previously unreleased bonus tracks:
  8. The Texture Of Space (4:34) | MP3 Clip
  9. Clocks V.1 (2:12) | MP3 Clip
  10. Antarctic Twilight (6:47) | MP3 Clip

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Digital and Limited Edition Digipack CD Re-issue.

Below Sea Level Recordings has reassembled Trance To The Sun’s Ghost Forest as it was debuted on audio cassette by Tess Records in 1993. Whereas, in 1994, the band sought to re-record and otherwise expand upon the album for its elevation to the status of CD, the 2012 edition marks a reversal, whereby the music has been restored to the way it appeared on the original tape in the form of a carefully remastered twenty-first century release.

In June of 1994, German music magazine Zillo discerned the underlying conceptual framework of Ghost Forest, describing it as “Powerful, solid, exalted, and rising from the deep of the eternal calm to inscribe an impressive arc.” On Ghost Forest, the primordial vocal echolalia of Zoë Alexandra Wakefield dissolves effortlessly into the dreamspace of Ashkelon Sain’s drifting chords and broken-starlight guitar melodies. A guest appearance by Kevin Serra (of This Ascension) figures prominently into the darkwavesque “August Rain”, while an evolution of overstretched rhythms culminates in the velvet electricity of “Eonite Trip” (thus concluding the proverbial “Side One”). “Side Two” ventures toward ambient territories, basking in the low angle glare of an arctic sun; calm, yet distorted and full of fire. And, to elevate the intrigue, a bonus chapter (Side Three, perhaps) has been appended to the 2012 remaster, with previously unheard studio recordings from the matching era.

As this re-issue reverts to the cassette edition, herein you will find the first renditions of “Mint” and “Cauldron Street”, which up until now have never been released in digital form. “August Rain V.1” remains as it’s always been, as does “Eonite Trip”, while the lost track “Eyes Through Glass” has been restored to the ambient set of the second side. The original photo has returned to the album cover as well, and authentic, artist penned liner notes appear now in the sleeve and the digital booklet.

In spite of its limitations as a four-track tape production, Ghost Forest has been eyed as a classic of the Ethereal/Darkwave genre for some twenty years, and has commanded princely sums from the likes of Ebay sellers for the whole latter half of that time. Below Sea Level Recordings is proud to present the long awaited digital remaster of this lost analogue-era gem.

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