Soriah: (with Ashkelon Sain): The Eztica Tour Collection (Digital)

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Nica Anahuatl [Live] (6:48)
Tonacayotica [Live] (6:57)
Ticochitlehua – Eztica [Live] (9:08)
Cehui [Live] (7:34)
Iix [Live] (9:18)
Aldan Ool [Live] (4:07)
Xopancuicatl [Live] (8:05)
Xiuhcoatl [Live] (8:05)
Atlan [Live] (5:41)

includes: Digital Booklet – The Eztica Tour Collection

    The Eztica Tour Collection documents Soriah with Ashkelon Sain in concert backed by the five-piece band on the road in 2011.

    Tracks from the studio releases Atlan (2009) and Eztica (2011) are performed completely live with full instrumentation and sound effects. The performing group, featuring Daniel Henderson on drums, Marshal Serna on keyboards and percussion, Jonathan Howitt on percussion, Ashkelon Sain on guitar and keyboards, and Soriah on vocals and instruments, render favorite compositions from the Soriah/Ashkelon vernacular with veritable intensity and accuracy. The music was recorded on a single pair of room mic’s lending a discernible “bootleg” feel to the production, whilst retaining the full electric energy unleashed by this powerhouse live show.

    A four-star review from by Sean Strauss:
    One of the most serendipitous collaborations in cultural rock and roll is that of Enrique Ugalde and Ashkelon Sain of SORIAH. The Tuvan throat singing and wide instrumental knowledge of Ugalde mixed with the richly golden tractor-beam melodies of Sain make for live performances that melt your face off without you even knowing.

    There are only a handful of concert albums that immerse the listener in the experience and the journey. This is one of them. I implore you to listen to this album while driving down a lost highway at midnight. Or if you’re under 16, on your bedroom floor with headphones, staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars. The opening track alone will suck you into a wondrous web of macabre and sonorous fulfillment. Then you hear the gentle welcoming of Enrique Ugalde say, “Thank you,” to the appreciative crowd and POOF you’re in the same room as they are. You can hear your fellow patrons rudely conversing here and there, but you only mind it as much as a Zen patron would – the music is too good to get agro.

    Buy this now. You’ll thank me.


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