Thanatos: All I Have Left (An Introduction) (Digital)

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1. Blisters 02:42
2. Moon of Dying Grass 03:05
3. What Happens Next 02:58
4. Collins and Something 03:34
5. Necessities of Hell and Creation 02:28
6. All I Have Left 03:25
7. Splinters 05:14
8. Scattered 03:42

An introduction to the wonderful music of Thanatos selling at a special budget price of just $4.99.

Thanatos began life as a studio project of Projekt Records owner and founder Sam Rosenthal and Patrick Ogle (aka Padraic Ogl or as he was thanked on the first Marilyn Manson record “Padraic Ogle”). The music was labeled either “darkwave” or “goth” and with all due respect to the genres it just never really fit in. It wasn’t rock enough for goth of the day and it just didn’t have the instrumentation that characterized darkwave. It also wasn’t as dark as either of those genres.

Thanatos was its own thing. It might have been called emo if the term had been in existence. But all the genres don’t describe the breadth and intent of the first three Thanatos records. From acoustic songs about love and loss to political screeds about obscure dictators the songs jump across time and around the globe in the stories they tell and in musical style.

Ogle was recently described by an artist working at Projekt at the time as “Snarky, self-effacing yet overbearing bitter romantic idealist. With pretty blue eyes. Who you kind of want to punch.”

Rosenthal held the early part of the project together with his production (the first two records were recorded to 1/2″ 8-track tape).

This compilation has music from all three released Thanatos records and one from the (then) unreleased, Exterminating Angel. This collection focuses, mostly, on songs of love and loss but with one about the apocalyptic nature of man’s inhumanity to man (the origin of the band’s name).

The band has never been prolific with Rosenthal focused on his label and his own musical project, black tape for a blue girl. Ogle has worked as a pr person for independent foreign movies, as a reporter for a major newspaper, a humor writer and even sold t-shirts on major tours. Now the band is looking through the archives and also looking to the future. Look for more from Thanatos soon.

“Thanatos creator Padraic Ogl strips down his sound even further, leaving only gleaming bleached bones. Few artists can create such compelling atmospheres with vocals and acoustic guitar alone, aided only by the occasional electronics from black tape for a blue girl’s Sam Rosenthal. But Ogl does this with ease, exposing a subtle beauty, leaving the lyrics to glitter in the pale light.” – Jo-Ann Greene Alternative Press


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