All My Faith Lost…: As you’re vanishing in silence (Digital)

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  1. come close my lover
  2. your silent tears
  3. rain has fallen all the day
  4. she came to me
  5. at that hour
  6. triste quiete
  7. all day i hear your voice
  8. disclose your eyes
  9. sleep now
  10. autumn
  11. silent lady

This is the Digital-Only edition. Originally released in 2005 on Cold Meat Industry.

Italian melancholic ethereal in the mood of bands such as Gothica, Ordo Equitum Solis and also even some of the calmer dark-acoustic sets of Ain Soph, interwined with influences of the darkwave bands heard on the American label, Projekt. This is sound-balm for the ears, far away from daily stress and the disturbing noises of today. Volumes are low, lyrics are whispered – it’s sparse, soft and dangerously seductive. This material possesses quality and individuality. With an acoustic instrumentation of guitars, flute, piano and violin along with the members, Viola and Federico’s own technique, spirit and presence, All My Faith Lost create an openly honest sound that is hard to come by these days, with a purity that is almost painfully intense.

All My Faith Lost… has previously released two CD-Rs on smaller Italian labels, participated on compilations from Kalinkaland Records, Chaospro and of course as part of our own Flowers Made of Snow label-sampler. They have also appeared in several magazines, played numourous of shows in Italy, contemporary art exhibition and recently also working on music for a movie-soundtrack.

A review from Gothic Paradise
“I first heard a selection from this album on the Cold Meat Industry label’s double-cd sampler Flowers Made Of Snow. The selection was “Sleep Now” and after hearing it I picked up this album and have heard it several times over and enjoy every minute of it. If you’ve heard the sampler I refer to, then you’ve heard something from this group. While the referenced track is incredible itself, the entire album pretty much defies description and has to be experienced.

“Come Close My Love” kicks off the album with a beautiful piano piece and whispered vocals draped over a backdrop of beautiful synths and strings. This tapestry provides the setting for many of the selections on this album as it drifts through a number of melancholy pieces with eleven tracks in all.

The mixture of alternating male and female vocals provide a soft ethereal masterpiece. Federico takes the lead as vocalist on songs like “Your Silent Tears”, “She Came To Me” and “Disclose Your Eyes”. These tracks show how ethereal male vocals can be captivating and smooth and provide an incredible mood combined with this type of minimal music with acoustic guitar and beautiful piano.

Fans of the soft female-fronted ethereal music will also enjoy this album with the incredible selections that Viola provides her vocals. When I first heard “Rain Has Fallen All The Day” I was spellbound and held captive by her siren-like vocals. But once I got to “All Day I Hear Your Voice”, all hope was lost. I knew I was hopelessly hypnotized by this duo’s incredible talents. The melancholy nature of the simple and minimalistic style on this track is incredible with the soft synths and strings in the background, the soft plucked guitar and the vocals smoothly layered over it all for something truly spectacular.

This album is something that people who love the minimalistic nature of Faith & Disease and the romantic elements of Gothica will enjoy. It’s definitely worth tracking down and picking up and cherishing for a very long time.”
Rating: 5/5 – Jacob


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