Tearwave: An Introduction (Digital)

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  1. Lotus Flower (from (self-titled)) | MP3 Excerpt
  2. Under the Milky Way (from Different Shade of Beauty) | MP3 Excerpt
  3. Shattered Fairytale (from Different Shade of Beauty) | MP3 Excerpt
  4. Dream Bliss (from (self-titled)) | MP3 Excerpt
  5. Comfort in Angels’ Wings (from Different Shade of Beauty)
  6. Emotional Cocoon (from (self-titled))
  7. Falling from Grace (from Different Shade of Beauty) | MP3 Excerpt
  8. Nothing’s Wrong (from Different Shade of Beauty) | MP3 Excerpt

A digital-only introduction to the wonderful music of Tearwave. Selling at a special budget price of just $4.99.

Gothic Beauty wrote: “Tearwave’s brand of shoegaze is a chillier, silver-rimed species, crystallized around singer Jennifer Manganiello’s ultraviolet soprano. Songs follow intelligible paths, avoiding the thick fog of abstraction in favor of rebounding drumbeats and rippling fractals of shimmering guitar, and something from the heart keeps Tearwave grounded, self-reflective and moving”


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