Autumn’s Grey Solace: Winterrim (an introduction) (CD)


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Nifara (from Divinian)
Eternal Light (from Ablaze)
The Unshakable Demon (from Riverine)
A Soul Ensnared (from Eifelian)
Still (from Shades of Grey)
Mystify (from Over the Ocean)
Dormant (from Riverine)
Treasurebox (from Shades of Grey)
Angelspeak (from Ablaze)

Originally given away in 2012 with copies of Autumn’s Grey Solace’s Divinian, this CD is packaged in a 5″ cardboard sleeve.

Winterrim is a collection of music showcasing the ethereal shoegaze stylings of Autumn’s Grey Solace; a sampling of the many sounds they have created during their first decade. The set opens with the gothic rock shoegaze of “Eternal Light” and “The Unshakable Demon”. “A Soul Ensnared” and “Dormant” create the classic “wall of sound”, while “Treasure Box” and “Mystify” show the band have dreampop sensibilities. In “Still”, Erin Welton’s honeyvoice floats over a bed of lush, crystalline guitars. The album closes with the layered angelic vocals of “Angelspeak”.

Excellent shimmering guitar textures, lovely heavenly vocals…Delicate, poetic music which gets me in its spell with apparent ease.”

They just want to make beautiful music, to transport you into a world where sound means everything.”

Chilling ambient melodies, ripe with seductive power, mingle with ghostly effect with the female vocals. The vox are svelte and create strange and addictive harmonies with the instrumental soundscape.” – ChainDLK.Org

AGS create music that really engages the mind and for any creative force is fuel to that fire.”

This is the kind of band that completely fits the whole Projekt concept and sound. Their music is a perfect mix of heavenly voices,darkwave and romantic gothic.”

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