vidnaObmana: Landscape in Obscurity (Digital)

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1 Landscape in Obscurity

“vidnaObmana’s Landscape in Obscurity is an impressionistic study of isolation, memory and lament. Somber saxophone leads and floating flute lines (by Italy’s Caprio Trifoglio and Diego Borotti) mix with clouds of floating electronic ambience – to evoke a feeling of isolation a cold city gives off in the dead of night.” – Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END

Originally released in 1999, this longform exploratory driftscape features vidnaObmana’s atmospheric sonic clouds, a 70-minute journey of luminous, airy ambience.

Explorations into unmapped landscapes… vidnaObmana, Europe’s foremost practitioner of atmospheric ambient and tribal ambient sounds, already has nearly twenty CD releases to his credit. He is perhaps best known for his collaborations with Steve Roach, including Cavern of Sirens, Well of Souls, and Ascension of Shadows, but his solo works such as the recent Crossing the Trail and River of Appearances make a powerful and unique artistic statement. Landscape in Obscurity, a long, exploratory driftscape, is his first release on Hypnos. Integrating spacious and atmospheric performances on flute and saxophone (by Italy’s Capriolo Trifoglio and Diego Borotti) with the familiar sonic clouds of his own electronic and acoustic instrument mix, Belgium’s vidnaObmana takes the listener on a journey of almost 70 minutes of luminous, airy ambience. Smooth, subtle and unobtrusive, yet at the same time sonically complex and illuminating, this CD works fantastically on “repeat” mode for hours on end. Wonderful for meditation or as a background for sleep or creative work, this is one of Vidna Obmana’s most minimal and truly “ambient” pieces in recent years.


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