vidnaObmana: Soundtrack for the Aquarium (Deluxe Edition)

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    Disc One
  1. Aqua 1 (theme) 7:07 | MP3 Clip
  2. Aqua 2a 19:30 | MP3 Clip
  3. Aqua 3 8:15 | MP3 Clip
  4. Aqua 4 12:00
  5. Aqua 2b 14:50
  6. Aqua 5 7:30
  7. Aqua 6 (theme) 2:30
    Disc Two
  1. Soundtrack for the Aquarium, Live in Germany 44:15

Originally released in 1992, and remastered & reissued in 2000 with the bonus live disc.

VidnaObmana’s 2-CD special edition Soundtrack for the Aquarium is the remastered version of his original 74 minute obscure, long out-of-print work created for playback at the Aquarium at the Antwerp Zoo in 1992 (disc one) along with a never before released live recording of the same material performed at Comopoly in Hamburg, Germany, the following year (disc two). Both recordings were re-mastered in 2000 by vidnaObmana.Many vidnaObmana fans have been clamoring for a taste of his more minimal, “pure” ambient style of Trilogy or River of Appearance, and those fans are going to love this one.

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Release Year

1993 / 2001


Digital 2-CD


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