Arcanta: The Arcanta Sutras (an introduction) (Digital)

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Tattvamasi (from Book of Mirrors)
The Magdalen (from The Sacred and the Profane)
Kyrie (from The Eternal Return)
The Solitary Pilgrim (from The Eternal Return)
Desert Prayer (from EP)
Sutra (from The Sacred and the Profane)
Goldensong (from Book of Mirrors)
Awake as if from Slumber (from The Eternal Return)

A digital-only introduction to the wonderful music of Arcanta selling at a special budget price of just $4.99.

“…a seductive and fascinating blend of vocal performances… an artist with a rare gift indeed.” – Ned Raggett,

The voice and vision of singer/composer Thom Ayres are at the very heart of Arcanta. 1995’s “Carol of the Bells” (on Projekt’s Excelsis: A Dark Noel) set the tone for what was to follow: haunting vocals, layered to form a celestial choir. The following year, a self-titled EP was released on Projekt, which solidified Arcanta’s reputation for transcending musical genres while providing the listener with a soundtrack for inner journeying. From the heartfelt yearning of “A Fool’s Cry” to the evocative “Via Dolorosa”, Ayres’ vocal prowess was in ample evidence. All came to fruition with The Eternal Return (1997), the first full-length Arcanta album. This Projekt release seamlessly wove elements of classical, religious, new age and world music into a rich and varied tapestry. “The Solitary Pilgrim” and “Awake As If From Slumber” received airplay on such nationally syndicated radio programs as Hearts of Space and Musical Starstreams, while “Into Thine Arms” could be heard at goth clubs worldwide. In 1999, Arcanta appeared on the compilation The Power of a New Aeon with “The Sun”. A follow-up album, The Sacred and the Profane, arrived two years later. Once again, majestic vocals soared over atmospheric keyboards, with the uptempo anthem “The Magdalen” especially popular. 2007 saw the release of the final Arcanta disc, Book of Mirrors. A collaboration with Julian West, it’s the culmination of the Arcanta ethos and features fan favorites “Goldensong” and “Be What You Are.”

Musicians credited on Arcanta releases: Jason Donnelly, Doug Chamberlin, Monti Medley, Andrew Pluta, Steven Ducharme, Russell Taylor.


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