vidnaObmana: Into The Heart Of The Eternal (an introduction) (Digital)

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Encountering Terrain (from Crossing The Trail)
Streamers Of Stillness (from The River Of Appearance)
The Feather Cycle (from Subterranean Collective)
Kindred Spirits (from Anthology 1984-2004)
Mission Ground (from Crossing The Trail)
Over Clouds (from Memories Compiled 2)
Inside The Empty Mass (from Memories Compiled 1)
Distant Awakening (from Shadowing In Sorrow)

A digital-only introduction to the music of vidnaObmana selling at a special budget price of just $4.99.

vidnaObmana’s gradual development from an industrial sound sculptor in 1984 to an artist equally at home in the world of electronica and contemporary composition has been a full dimensional story that found its closure in 2005. 0ver the course of more than 25 years, he would influence the gradual growth of ambient from nothing but a fleeting idea by Brian Eno to an established and challenging genre, record the classic The River Of Appearance, write a soundtrack for the giant aquarium of the Antwerp Zoo and work with the likes of Steve Roach, Steven Wilson and a symphonic orchestra. Most of all, he would efficiently demonstrate that stylistic limitations are purely rooted in a lack of imagination. Into The Heart Of The Eternal captures vidnaObmana in the mid-years of his creative arc when recording for Projekt. The digital-only release gives the listener a journey into the mind of this composer, demonstrating how his sonic world remains a unique voice in the electronic music scene.

From about Crossing the Trail
The Wagner Of Ambient The most amazing thing about this beautiful work of art is that minimal tribal components are woven into a constantly evolving cascade of synth-orchestral textures and natural sounds (no, not the flute over waterfall routine!) to draw a listener into a meditative yet fully aware state of relaxation and focused concentration. Whereas much of Dirk’s (Vidna’s) vast volume of work is based on loops and drones, Crossing the Trail singularly succeeds in elevating the slow/barely perceivable structured pieces that flow with emotion and remain in memory despite a dearth of melody. This CD is a landmark of depth, darkness and light that is perfect for studying, relaxing or dissecting. I have many of vidnaObmana’s CDs and, though I enjoy them all, this work remains my favorite, an expansive yet intimate, cold yet enveloping, majestic yet delicate soundscape that raises the bar for what is possible from this sort of ambient music. I needn’t comment on the pieces separately because the entire CD is one seamless whole, incapable of being wrenched apart. Everything I listen to in this genre gets rated according to the perfection of Crossing the Trail.”

From about The River Of Appearance
A “classic” in all worlds. When does an album turn into a “classic?” Popular culture would answer: If it becomes a point of reference for others, opening up a stylistic system of its own. From a more traditional point of view, the inherent quality of a piece of music to inspire or even force others to interpret it is the key for this implies that its value transcends that of a mere subjective sensation. Thus, one could argue that The River Of Appearance has now attained that much sought-after status in both worlds.”


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